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Posted by Edward Caissie on January 22, 2010 in News, WordPress |

Although I have been working on smaller and smaller issues with the Desk Mess Mirrored theme I am still looking for improvements and a finer tuning of the core theme files. Last night I finally said it was time to draw a line in the code and put the update out, thus we now have version 1.4.5 approved for download from the WordPress Extend Themes repository earlier today.

The following is the changelog for this update:

Changelog, as of Jan 20, 2010:
-- Version 1.4.5
  - corrected positioning of 'cancel-comment-reply-link'
  - corrected positioning of 'logged-in' message for comments
  - added query reset to correct for possible is_home() issue?!
  - corrected deprecated parameter 'siteurl' to 'url' in header.php
  - editted footer.php template file to better handle possible lengthy text fields
  - CSS: cleaned out empty elements  
  - CSS: added #bottom-container within #bottom-extended
  - CSS: reviewed IE6 conditional style sheet -> reduced theme elements being displayed; please upgrade!
  - CSS: added better styling of page list elements
  - moved theme version display to functions.php
  - minor updates to Multi child theme included
  - Multi version number should reflect Desk Mess Mirrored version
  - NB: The image files twitter.png and flickr.png will remain but are not used in the theme.
  - NB: Multi will no longer be included with Desk Mess Mirrored to reduce theme size after version 1.4.5
  - NB: Multi will be available to download at http://buynowshop.com/themes/desk-mess-mirrored
    * Internet Browsers Reviewed *
    * ========================== *
    *                            *
    * Apple Safari v4.0.4 (Mac)  *
    * Apple Safari v4.0.4 (PC)   *
    * Firefox v3.5.6             *
    * Google Chrome v3.0         *
    * Internet Explorer v8.0     *
    * Opera v10.10               *
    *                            *
    * IE 6 - basic functionality *

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