Five Minutes Ago


The comments below were originally posted on the Five-Minute-Fix page and have been addressed in some form or fashion. They have been moved here to keep the topics on the Five Minute Fix page more current. Please feel free to contact us if you would like to discuss any of the comments below.


  • Brittany Quinlan says:

    Hello! I have just set up a wordpress blog using the Desk Mess Mirrored theme. I think it’s really great, and with a few tweaks will be exactly what I want. However (and this may be a really simple, stupid question) I noticed that the entire post shows up when I publish it. I only want the first few lines to show up (with a “read more” link going to the post’s full page), so it doesn’t make the page super long. I thought this was a standard option in WordPress, but I can’t find it and make it work. Can you help? Thanks!

    • @Brittany – Your easiest “fix” for this is to make use of the built-in tag <!--more--> where you want your post to stop and the “read more” link to appear. Your other option would require editing the them template files to change the_content() to the_excerpt()

      • Brittany Quinlan says:

        Thank you SO MUCH! I knew there was a really simple fix, but I must have been googling it wrong, because I couldn’t find it anywhere. This is exactly what I want, because some posts I want to show more of on the home page, and some posts show less, so I can do this how I want now. Thanks again!

  • Khary Stanley says:

    Sorry, I am sure this is a five minute fix.
    I tried to install Ground Floor version 1.6 today and I got an fatal error message which read “Call to undefined function body_class() in /home/bigboy7/public_html/wp-content/themes/ground-floor.1.6/ground-floor/header.php on line 26.”

    I really like this theme, is there any way you can help me fix this problem?

  • Tessa Benham says:

    Hi can you help me with your Desk Mess Mirrored template, I want to use my logo at the top not the red block text?
    Thanks for your help, and great theme, perfect for me! (especially if the iphone could be changed for a calculator ha ha)

  • Tina D says:

    I have installed the newest version of Desk Mess to my blogging-make-money site and I would like to make it 3 columns with a left and right sidebar. I have looked and googled to find the right steps to no avail.

    Tina D.

    • @Tina D – Thank you for choosing to use the Desk Mess Mirrored, but in my opinion the only way to change the theme into a three-column design as you described would require, besides the changes to the code and CSS, significant changes to the graphics in order to produce a look that was still appealing and functional.

  • Gee says:


    I love your theme and would like to use it for a college project that I am doing. I have created pages that I want to be only visable on either the header set or on the side bar. I have no problem eliminating the pages I don’t want to appear on the side bar but the header includes all the pages I have created. Is there any way I can exclude pages from the header (so that they only appear in the side bar).
    Hope you can help as I do like this theme very much.

  • MJ says:

    Problem with desk-mess-mirrored-multi….I get this message at the bottom of my screen:Broken Themes
    The following themes are installed but incomplete. Themes must have a stylesheet and a template.

    Name Description
    desk-mess-mirrored-multi Stylesheet is missing.
    images Stylesheet is missing.
    I HAVE desk mess mirrored uploaded and in my wp-contents/themes folder and I am working on it in a test drive mode…what am I doing wrong to activate the multi????

    • @MJ – Thank you for choosing Desk Mess Mirrored and its child-theme Multi. Generally the issue you are describing indicates that some of the required files did not get properly uploaded to the correct place in your WordPress installation.

      I would suggest re-downloading Multi; un-zipping the archive; then re-uploading the folder ‘desk-mess-mirrored-multi’ to your ‘../wp-content/themes/’ folder on your web site.

      • MJ says:

        I LOVE the desk mess mirrored theme..
        except,sorry the multi look of the coffee cups RSS feed looks like a sunflower floating in the cup.
        This theme is…BUT is there anyway to get that RSS feed to look like the coffee cup in the THEME:Coffee Desk2.0 by Roam2Rome.
        He missed your mark by not getting the rest of the theme attractive…THATS why I choose yours.IT’s awesome!
        Let me know if a revision is possible…thanks…spoken from a TRUE coffee drinker!!!(no offense to comment)Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  • MJ says:

    I LOVE the desk mess mirrored theme..
    except,sorry the multi look of the coffee cups RSS feed looks like a sunflower floating in the cup.
    This theme is…BUT is there anyway to get that RSS feed to look like the coffee cup in the THEME:Coffee Desk2.0 by Roam2Rome.
    He missed your mark by not getting the rest of the theme attractive…THATS why I choose yours.IT’s awesome!
    Let me know if a revision is possible…thanks…spoken from a TRUE coffee drinker!!!(no offense to comment)Happy Thanksgiving!!!
    BTW>>>that Theme mentioned above is in the wordpress themes.

  • Joanna S says:

    I love your Desk Mess theme!
    I have two quick questions. Where can I change the color of the header sub text. The line on my site that says “Crazy Follows Me Everywhere”?

    Also what type of widget did you use to add the ads on the right sidebar. I want to add a widget with a picture but i only see the option for a text box widget.


  • Joanna S says:

    Hi Edward,
    Where do I need to go to change the “Excerpt” feature for the blog posts in a category? I want the whole post to show.

    Is there a plug in you recommend for an rss feed link or a sign up to receive our posts as an email?


    • @Joanna – You will need to edit the ‘category.php’ template file. See line 26, change the_excerpt() to the_content().

      As to a recommendation for an RSS plugin, I generally just subscribe to the site feed and use Google Reader to read the posts.

  • Harry Crowder says:

    Hi Edward,

    I love this theme it has just the look I wanted for my Tuesday Tipster site.
    I have a small problem. When I go to publish or update a post, it starts to update and then .. I get a 404 message and the post does not update??

    How do I fix this.



  • Harry Crowder says:

    Hi Edward,

    No it only happens when I click publish on a new post. I starts, goes about 3 seconds and then it usually sends me to a 404 page. When it does save the post all the links and text formatting is gone ???

    I am going to re-download the theme and re-install it.

    Maybe that will help.



  • Hannah says:

    Thanks for the great theme. I love it! I do have something I need help with though.

    When I submit a post, the only way it will show my entire post is when I put it all in the ‘Excerpt’ box in WordPress. Originally, I put my first sentence in the top box, then pressed enter (which in that instance, WP writes the HTML) and then continued typing. It seems that after I press enter, everything afterward disappears. It acts like it can’t read the code. I had a different theme prior to this and it worked just fine. Any suggestions?

    • @Hannah – Thank you for choosing Desk Mess Mirrored. The issue you are describing is not one that I have seen or that I am able to reproduce. Pressing the <Enter> key should only move the cursor to a new line, it would not normally cause the issue you are describing.

  • kate says:

    I downloaded the Desk Mess Mirrored today from the WordPress options and although I like the design, I am having a hard time getting it to accept widgets unless they were installed on a previous design and currently I have no way to go into admin – the meta tag has disappeared totally! I tried loading the site on Firefox and well as Explorer. Bright ideas would be terrific – should I maybe uninstall, and try installing again?

  • I love your Desk Mess theme. It fits perfectly with the Coffee Break Coach. Question – how can I change the Unordered List to show bullets? I’ve tried to find it in the editor, but I am not very experience in CSS.

    Thanks in advance, Robert

    • @Robert – First, my apologies for not replying sooner. Next, I believe the issue you are referring to has been addressed in the next version of Desk Mess Mirrored which is soon to be released. Although I did not immediately see where you were experiencing this on your site, I believe the following, added to your style.css file will help to sort it out:

      ol li { list-style: decimal inside none; }
      .post ul li { list-style: disc outside none; }

      Hope that works for you while I finish the updates … I’m aiming to release the next version tonight.

  • Edward,
    Thanks for the update. Only one more nagging question to make the site perfect.
    Is there an easy way to take comments off static pages?

    Many thanks,

    • @Robert – The easiest way is to uncheck the boxes on the Edit Page panel when you are writing the content. You can also go back any time and uncheck the box as well which will turn off comments at that time.

      You can find these check-boxes in the Discussion section of the Edit Page panel, usually underneath the content box.

      You can also use the “Quick Edit” link for the page and uncheck the “Allow Comments” option as well.

      It is also doable programatically, but generally the above solutions sort out most issues.

  • Anita says:

    Great theme 🙂

    Is there any way, I can add navigation between images in a gallery. It’s sort of the only thing I feel is missing. Looks great, and works like a charm =)

  • Hi Edward,
    I am testing out your Ground Floor theme before migrating completely over from my Posterous website at I used an import for much of the data but some I put in myself and I also set it up to automatically post from Posterous too.

    I really like the look and feel of your theme which is somewhat similar to Cory Watillo’s “Back To School” of my Posterous blog, but I am a complete novice with css so tinkering with it scares me. Although I can read instructions I am afraid to screw up something. So far I have added a picture to the side which will take the place of a Header image and that makes it pop for me. But I would like to clean up a few other things:

    One thing I would like to do is to remove the “No Comments, Category, and Tags” data before a post because I feel its a bit cluttered. I would rather have it below the post. I have read documentation at WordPress on where to put the tags code in the single.php template and guessed what I should get rid of above the content and it looks like it worked, but think that may have knocked out the formatting for the side widgets which are now pushed down the page. Maybe thats what it’s supposed to do but I wasn’t sure. It didn’t take on the overall blog page, just the single posts and I would like it on the main blog page as well if possible.

    Can you help? Also, what is the smart way to make these template code changes? I was just doing them right in the edit box, but if I make a mistake i don’t know how to go back to what it’s supposed to look like. Do I have to cut and paste the original into a text doc and then use that as a back up?

    Would love your input! Thanks!
    Dana In Vermont

    • @Dana – Thank you for considering the Ground Floor Theme.

      In ‘index.php’ you will be looking at lines 10 through 13; move those to just after line 20 (the clearing div) … you may still need to add some additional styling for these items once moved but that placement should work.

      In other template files, such as, ‘single.php’ (also note the other template files may require similar edits) look at lines 10 and 11; move those similarly to after line 18.

      Please note, there will be a new version being uploaded to the Extend repository and if you update your theme after these edits are done you will need to make similar edits again.

      Your other option is to create (or have made) a Child-Theme to preserve your edits while allowing the Parent-Theme (Ground Floor) to be updated.

      • Edward,
        Thank you kindly for your advice! Is a child theme something that you could advise me in five minutes to do with easy steps? If not, how much would you charge for a child-theme to be created?

        I have looked at the documentation and it does confuse me a bit. I am only learning a little about this stuff at a time and just starting to understand it. I think a child-theme makes sense for altering code so you don’t mess up the parent but afraid I might not do everything I need to. Unless it is an easy copy into one directory it might be beyond me. What do you think?


        • @Dana – Creating a Child-Theme to accomplish the basics you have been describing in these comments would not take long. Please feel free to use the contact form, or email me directly for a quote.

  • Jan Sage says:

    Delighted with your Desk Mess Mirrored theme! I’m brand new to blogging and working on a portfolio site for which I’d like to have a custom page template that doesn’t have the header images but keeps the sticky note navigation bar.

    I’m trying for a portfolio page with a gallery of thumbnail images and I don’t want too many competing images on the page. Check out my Site Development>Portfolio test page and you’ll see the problem. When you click to expand the image into the Fancybox, the header images are in the way.

    I’ve created a child theme and managed a no-sidebar custom page but I would like for the content to fill out the page. Can you point me to the code I need to change to make the content wider?

    I’m sure I must be overlooking an easy resource for the no-header page but I’ve used 3 different references and can’t quite figure it out.

    Any help appreciated.

    • @Jan – Thank you for the compliment! Now, although this is not a “no-header” solution this may work just as well or better for you. Without getting too technical, your “fancy box” plugin just simply needs to be on top of the pile. Try adding to the end of the style.css sheet for the Theme the following:

      div#fancy_outer{z-index: 1200;}

      Any value greater than 1100 should work. See if this works for you.

      PS: I wrote a little about ‘z-index’ some time ago on this post if you are interested in reading more about it.

      • Jan Sage says:

        Okay I understand that the z-index controls the stacking order of elements. Even placing your bit of code at the end of the style sheet, the “left pile” portion of the header images is still on top of the fancy box. ALso the stickies nav bar isn’t affected, it’s still on top too. I’d be happy to just get the fancy box on top if you have any more ideas.

        Is my style sheet correct?

        @import url(‘../desk-mess-mirrored/style.css’);
        Theme name: Child of Desk Mess Mirrored
        Theme URI: http://www.?.com
        Description: This is my first child theme
        Author: Jan Sage
        Template: desk-mess-mirrored
        div#fancy_outer{z-index: 1200;}

        Also would welcome suggestions for getting the content to fill out the page now that I’ve eliminated the sidebar.


        • @Jan – if adding the z-index to the Theme’s style sheet did not work then you will have to modify the plugin’s style sheet.

          Have a look in here: ../wp-content/plugins/fancy-box/jquery.fancybox.css at line 31 and adjust the value of ‘z-index’ in the ‘div#fancy_outer’ element.

          As to the content width, look at the main-blog value for the specific page/post … which starts going past a typical Five-Minute-Fix. Please feel free to contact us regarding our WordPress services.

  • Hey Edward – AWESOME themes! Thanks for making them open-source. I am using Desk Mess Mirrowed for a technology education site located at I am wondering if there is a way I can keep the cool header image you have, but somehow add my own logo where the site title and description normally appears? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    Thanks again for sharing your great work with others 🙂

  • Harry says:

    Hi Edward,

    I love this theme and have it installed on my TuesdayTipster blog.

    I was doing my Tuesday thing yesterday, everything was fine and then I tried to get into the wp-admin part of the site to get into the backend when I got the following message:

    The page isn’t redirecting properly

    Firefox has detected that the server is redirecting the request for this address in a way that will never complete.

    * This problem can sometimes be caused by disabling or refusing to accept

    I have cleared my cookies and history but I can only get to the front page of the site. I need to get into the backend to fix the theme but can’t.

    Please advise.

    Thank you

    Harry Crowder

    • @Harry –

      First, you should never give login credentials to your site in an open comment (besides they were not working either). Otherwise, I am not seeing this issue so there is nothing I am able to suggest at this time.

  • Zac Bolan says:


    First of all, thanks for the great theme! Quick question… I do not currently use the Site Name or Description fields in the general page settings because I prefer to use a custom title image on the landing page. Is there any way to still use these fields for SEO and page naming purposes without placing text on the blog page?


  • Andy Fragen says:


    I’m trying to override the DMM function dmm_list_pages with a function of my own in Multi’s function.php file named multi_dmm_list_pages. There are 2 ways I’ve discovered to accomplish this, the first involves me changing DMM’s function.php to wrap the dmm_list_pages function in an `if exists` and the second is to deactivate the parent function and activate the child function.

    What I’ve got so far is the following.

    function my_undo_hooks () {
      remove_action('desk_mess_mirrored_setup', 'dmm_list_pages');
    add_action ( 'after_setup_theme', 'my_undo_hooks');
    function multi_dmm_list_pages() { ?>
    <?php wp_reset_query(); ?>
    <?php $exclude_pages="'&exclude=2, 3, 15, 17, 634, 700, 732, 893'";
      if ( is_home() || is_front_page() ) {
        wp_list_pages( 'title_li=&depth=1&include=2' );
        wp_list_pages("title_li=&depth=1" . $exclude_pages);
      } else { ?>
        <li><a href=""></a>
        <?php wp_list_pages('title_li=&depth=1' . $exclude_pages);
    add_action ( 'desk_mess_mirrored_setup', 'multi_dmm_list_pages' );

    I hope I escaped it correctly.

    I think what I’m having problems with is the proper syntax for `remove_action` and `add_action`. Thanks. I’m trying not to have to duplicate the header.php file and simply replace the call to `dmm_nav_menu` with on of my own. It would seem cleaner to me if I could just undeclare `dmm_list_pages` and replace it with a declaration for `multi_dmm_list_pages`.


    • @Andy – This is well beyond a typical “Five-Minute-Fix” and much more complicated approach than what I would generally recommend. I would suggest using of the custom menu functionality to simply display the pages that you want in the menu.

      • Andy Fragen says:

        @Edward, first thanks for cleaning up my post.

        A simpler solution is actually the first one, to wrap the functions that some of us may want to edit in a if ( ! function_exists () ) {} wrapper. Then I could just use my own child function in the parent’s place. Unfortunately, that change would have to be in the parent (DMM) functions.php file.

        I thought I was getting way over my head with the second method. I’ve done that now, but it will unfortunately be overridden with any future updates to DMM, unless you add it. 😉

        • @Andy – I currently use:

          if ( !function_exists( 'desk_mess_mirrored_setup' ) ):

          This wraps everything you are referring to and given that Multi does not come with a default functions.php file you can create one; “copy&paste” the `desk_mess_mirrored_setup()` function in its entirety and modify it to your needs. I find that to be a much cleaner approach if a custom menu will not solve the issue.

          You might also find this article I posted on WPFirstAid useful, especially the reference to the Multi Child-Theme.

          • Andy Fragen says:

            @Edward, you are, of course, correct. I was just not wanting to replace that entire function mostly for fear you might change some parts of it later and I wouldn’t notice. I’m going to go your suggested route and ‘copy/paste’ the `desk_mess_mirrored_setup()` function.

            A custom menu won’t give me the advantage of swapping out the ‘Home’ and ‘About’ items.

            Thanks, as always.

            • @Andy – I’ll put your suggestion on my review/to-do list for the next version of Desk Mess Mirror but I do not have an ETA right now on when that will be released.

              • Andy Fragen says:

                @Edward, I figured out how to do this from the child theme. I modified only register_dmm_menu and dmm_nav_menu. You might have to clean up this as I don’t know what code you use to make it pretty.

                function dmm_nav_menu() { ?>
                     'top-menu', 'fallback_cb' => '' ) );
                      } else {
                        wp_nav_menu( array('theme_location' => 'secondary-menu', 'fallback_cb' => '' ) );
                  function register_dmm_menu() {
                    // register_nav_menu( 'top-menu', __( 'Top Menu' ) );
                        'top-menu' => __( 'Top Menu' ),
                        'secondary-menu' => __( 'Secondary Menu' )

                This allows for using the custom menus, one for the home page and one for non-home pages. I tried to make it similar to what you were doing.

  • I love the Desk Mess Mirrored theme, but I have one problem. All the links are coded as nofollow … in order to get paid for the links I put in my blog posts, they need to be “dofollow” links. I installed a WP plug-in to remove nofollow tag on links, but it’s not working. I know next to nothing about CSS, so I need some very detailed help on how to remove the nofollow tag from all links on my site.

    Thanks so much,
    Janis Bennett

    • @Janis – Thank you for choosing Desk Mess Mirrored, but the issue you are describing is not related to the Theme, or for that matter any theme that comes to mind. Also, this is not a CSS issue; this is an (X)HTML issue. I would suggest reviewing how to create an link and manually re-writing them were possible. See this site for some very good tutorials regarding HTML: as well as many other general web site related items.

      • Thanks so much Edward.. as you can tell, I know nothing about this stuff! I really appreciate the link you gave me for more information! And thank you very much for taking the time to respond to my question!

        • No worries, Janis. I enjoy helping others, especially those that use my themes 😉

          • Did you fix this Janis? One possible reason could be that you have the option to ‘allow search engines to index your site’ checkbox unticked. This would make all of your links nofollow.

            This may be a simplistic solution – but I’ve seen it before.

  • Rami says:

    Desk Mess mirrored is a great theme – thank you for your work.

    I’m having an issue with the nav bar. I’ve had to move some things around a bit, and now the menu has lost the a href links, and won’t work.

    I’m not having luck finding the conflict – would you mind pointing out my error?

    Thank you again! I sent the url via your contact info.

  • Love this theme!

    Is there a way to remove the text below the comment boxes that says:

    You may use these HTML tags and attributes: <a href=”” title=”” rel=”nofollow”> <abbr title=””> <acronym title=””> <b> <blockquote cite=””> <cite> <code> <del datetime=””> <em> <i> <q cite=””> <strike> <strong>

  • Ashley says:

    Thank you for the link to the blog post! Now… one other question. For some reason, I can’t log into the website today. When I go to log in, I get this message:

    Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home2/iadiecom/public_html/grantwhittenberger/wp-content/plugins/googleanalytics/googleanalytics.php:101) in /home2/iadiecom/public_html/grantwhittenberger/wp-includes/pluggable.php on line 934

    Do you know who I should contact to help with this? Thanks!

  • John Maclean says:

    I hope you can help. I would like to style the bns-featured-category plugin to match the rest of the site. For instance, it would be good if the “widget title” was in the same colour as my category colours and the post “headlines” were the same size as the headlines in the other columns. can you help? Thanks!

    • @John – Although I can see you have the plugin active from the page source, I do not see it is actually being used. The expected style is generally found to be exactly the same as the current active theme’s post style; but if you wish to make adjustments to the style used by the plugin I would suggest using the “custom” style sheet functionality as noted in the `readme.txt` file.

  • Rick Hackett says:


    Love the theme and so does everyone I’ve shown it to. I’m using the Desk Mess Multi and it has the RSS Feed/Coffee Cup. Being new to WordPress and learning rather quickly about RSS Feeds, etc. How can I change the default feed to whatever feed I would like. Right now it keeps bringing up my website and I would like to change it to something else and I would like the option of being able to do that whenever I want and have it link to the feed of my choice.



    PS: When I get everything up and running I’ll send you the link. You might like what I’ve done to the look of the RSS feed.

    • @Rick – First off, thanks for choosing Multi as your theme. I’m glad you and and everyone you have shown it to like it. Now as to changing the RSS feed link, currently the simplest way is to modify the code. Review these steps, make a back-up, then give them a try:

        Using your editor of choice …

      1. Open the ‘header.php’ file in the “Mulit” theme folder
      2. Go to this piece of code:
        <a href="<?php echo get_feed_link( 'rss2' ); ?>" title="<?php _e('Add this blog to any reader','desk-mess-mirrored'); ?>"><img alt="" src="<?php echo get_stylesheet_directory_uri(); ?>/images/rsscup.png" border="0" /></a>

        … it should be near line 39

      3. Modify this part (near the beginning):
        < ?php echo get_feed_link( 'rss2' ); ?>

        by replacing it with the full address to the feed of your choice

      4. Save the file

      As far as adding this as an option, perhaps in a future release, but at the moment I will take the idea down and add it as a review item for “Multi”.

      Also to note, even though Child-Themes do not always need to be updated when their Parent-Theme is, the Multi Child-Theme will require updating once the next version (2.0) of Desk Mess Mirrored is released. You will have to re-edit the ‘header.php’ after the update. The gist of this should still apply.

  • Rick Hackett says:

    Hi Edward,

    Thanks for info, I’ll check it out as soon as I get a chance to.

    It’s too bad there wasn’t a dropdown menu where the Source is in the player so when you bookmark pages they would appear in that section so you could just scroll to your choice for a feed. Just a thought.

    Take care and thanks again,


  • Lynn says:

    Our users are asking how they can change their passwords. Right now, we have no idea how they can easily do it, so we thought we would ask you. Is there a widget or something we should add?



  • Lynn says:

    Is there a way to allow users/subscribers to change the background color of their comments? We are just wondering. Thanks. Great Theme by the way. LS

    • @Lynn – It may be a bit involved but there is a way for you to have individual subscribed users have their own background color. I would strongly recommend creating a Child-Theme for this as it will require adding CSS elements and properties for the theme to use. A Child-Theme will preserve those ‘edits’ so updates will not over-write your changes.

      The basic premise of what I am suggesting is this:
      – sort out the user-id of each of the registered users
      – create a CSS element for each
      – choose a background color for them

      You also might wait until you update to version 2.0 which will be available very soon as it has additional CSS elements/properties you may find useful.

  • Lynn says:

    A while back, I can’t remember if it was on Blogger or blogspot, either way, you could add a background image or color. I have looked and there is not a way to do this for comments any longer. I think it might be a great addition to your already great theme. We have over 600 subscribers, so that might be way to much to do.
    Plus, I would want them to pick their own color. Not me pick it for them. At least I did find how to change the admin’s color for comments with a plugin: That worked. Now…to figure out the other…Thanks. Lynn

    • @Lynn – Blogger / Blogspot are networks of blogs that may be using the individual’s profile to draw their background color from.

      Now that I am gaining a better understanding of what you are looking at, it is an interesting idea, and perhaps something to explore further … I’ll add it to the PTL.

  • Teri says:

    Hi Edward, thanks for the really fun theme! I’m having trouble getting my Google ads to run in the sidebar. I put the code in a text box in the sidebar, but it is not appearing. Do I need a separate plug-in for that? Many thanks in advance …

    • @Teri – I’m glad you like the theme, although I would strongly recommend updating to the latest version (2.0) before I am able to provide any suggestions regarding this issue.

      • Teri says:

        OK! All updated. But still having the google problem. I await your brilliance. 🙂

        • @Teri – This is generally not theme related but thank you for updating. I came across this once before; the solution for that issue was to insure there is only *one* Google ad on the website if the Google code itself is being used directly.

          You might also consider looking at a WordPress Plugin that manages Google Ads in place of using the Google code directly.

  • Mary says:

    Hi I was wondering if you can tell me how to remove the website section when leaving a reply/comment. I will continue to search and see if anyone else has accomplished this. TIA

  • Faye says:

    I have been using this theme since I started my blog in ’10 and absolutely love it!
    However, I was wondering about the recent change. When I click on a page other than the home page, the “Home” page tab is missing. There is no way to go to the “Home” page unless you hit the back button. Is that how it’s supposed to be?
    Thanks for your help.

    • @Faye – I can only guess you are referring to Desk Mess Mirrored and as of version 2.0 the theme no longer automagically generates a “Home” page link. It was the single most requested item to be able to change. In order to have a “Home” page link in your menu now you will have to use a “Custom Menu”.

      • Faye says:

        Oh, ok, yes I was referring to the theme. Bummer, I liked the home page tab, but I will get over it 🙂
        Thank you Edward, for your response. I will try to create a custom menu.

        • @Faye – Setting up and using a Custom Menu is relatively straight-forward and easy to do. I think they can be more beneficial in the long-run than a standard default theme menu.

  • Krysania says:


    Ok this is not really a five minute fix but I wanted to ask anyway. Is there a simple way to translate the theme “Desk Mess Mirrored” that I missed ? I’d rather not mess with all the code and not being able to get the next update of your theme (which btw I really like ^^). But still, I’m french, all of my friend/visitors are french, the blog is french, so ‘Posted by’ is not pratical nor consistent.

    If there is none but you wish to internationalize your theme, I may provide the french translation for you. Otherwise, well I’ll manage ^^


    • @Krysania – Although there is no actual French translation currently available I do greatly appreciate you offering one; and, even as WordPress offers core functionality to use translation “files” they are required to be properly prepared in a specific format.

      Although the theme is written with the intent for translations to be made and I am more than happy to include a proper translation file with future releases I do not currently provide the “pot” file that is required to create these translation files at this time.

      • Krysania says:

        Thank you for answering 🙂 Let me know if you include it in a future release. I’ll sent back to you the completed translation file when you do. Or maybe I’ll look at how to do it, but I don’t really know the structure of your theme.
        Have a nice day 🙂

  • TE5LA says:

    I read another post of a user who wanted not to show the entire posts on the homepage, but and excerpt only. I looked at all the files for “the_content”, but it appears only in the files:


    Changing “the_content” to “the_excerpt” in the first one did indeed produce excerpts on the main page, however, it broke the formatting on other pages, made entire areas disappear, and there was no “read more” link, so it was impossible to view the entire post, even if you clicked the post to view on a single page.

    The other thing is, I want the first “Sticky” post on the main page to display fully, but the remaining posts below it to be excerpts.

    Also, how can I limit the length of the main page’s posts and perhaps have a page navigation bar at the bottom?

    Perhaps I am asking a lot here, but I like this theme a lot.

    • @TE5LA – First, thank you for the compliment! There are several aspects of the theme and how WordPress works you are addressing here …
      – To show excerpts only on the homepage but have sticky posts show in full should be more or less straight-forward: change the conditional in the main loop (desk-mess-mirrored.php) from:

      if ( is_home() || is_front_page() || is_single() || is_page() || ( is_author() && ( $count == 1 ) ) ) {


      if ( is_sticky() ) {

      – To have a similar effect on the post-format loops you will have to add some conditional code to the effect: if `is_sticky` show `the_content` else show `the_excerpt`.
      – Adding a page navigation bar at the bottom would require a bit more code than this comment would be able to convey properly, but you might look at copying the menu code in the header into the bottom of the loops as a starting point.
      – Limiting the output on the main page would likely be best managed by adding a `home.php` template using the default loop code as its base.

      NOTE: All of this should be done in a Child-Theme, too … and remember to back-up all of your files before making any edits.

      • TE5LA says:

        I did the replacement code as you suggested and it did leave the sticky full and condensed the other posts, however, the condensed post were not able to be viewed completely. There is no link to expand them and they don’t expand even when you click the link and open it in another page.

        As far as limiting the length of the page, I found you can specify how many posts will appear on the front page in the options.

        • @TE5LA – My last comment was not necessarily a solution so much as a suggestion. What you are looking for does not fall under my “Five-Minute-Fix” idea. Although this appears fairly straight-forward it will still require more than a simply line or two of code to do.

      • TE5LA says:

        I also noticed that when condensed, the line breaks are ignored and the text all runs together. Since this is a poetry site, this looks bad. I would prefer it just keep the format as is and remove some lines.

        • @TE5LA – If you are interested in having all of these modifications done (for a fee) please fee free to contact us regarding our WordPress Services.

  • Tisha Berg says:


    I am using the Desk-Mirrored my posts are showing up in the category view. I have some pages on the menu redirected to show a category archive and up until today, it was working fine. I’ve tried several things, including uninstalling my most recently installed and updated plugins and editing the .php archive file, but nothing works. Help!

    • Tisha Berg says:

      Sorry, my comment should have read that my posts are NOT showing up in the category view. Thanks!

      • @Tisha – I’m not seeing any issues with your site; although it does appear the main theme files may have been modified. This is something I strongly recommend not to do; I do recommend using a Child-Theme in place of the Parent-Theme when modifications are needed / wanted.

  • daran says:

    Hi – love the theme… how do I get the content of my main pages to respect the linebreaks I put in… at the moment it seems to remove them all and stick them all in as one long paragraph

    I’m using the “Multi” child theme – not sure if that is relevant (am pretty new to this.)

    • @daran – “linebreaks” are generally handled by WordPress core functionality, in the case of these themes (Desk Mess Mirrored and its Child-Theme Multi) there are provisions for spacing paragraphs but this does not translate “linebreaks” you may apply in the content editor. You might consider using the “HTML” editor and inserting line breaks elements as a potential work around.

      • daran says:

        Hi Edward,
        I used the Visual editor to create the pages originally and it was all laid out exactly as I wanted. However, on moving to your themese, all of the text has squished up. I’ve tried adding “nbsp;” (omitted the & for this reply) via the html editor but it has absolutely no effect. I notice that this site uses the same theme – and it looks like paragraphs are not all squished – what is different? It seems to be a serious limitation on the theme – or am I the only person to experience this issue?

        • daran says:

          When I said linebreaks earlier I probably meant paragraphs… i.e. when I use the visual editor and hit “Return” to start a new line, I want it to actually look like that on the page.

          the same problem seems to happen in Posts.

          • @daran – What you are seeing is a common issue with WordPress removing “extra” blank lines … and as your site appears now, I am not seeing the “squished up” effect you mentioned.

  • daran says:

    Hi Edward,
    you are not seeing the problem because I have hardcoded {p} and {/p} around all of the paragraphs to fix it.

    However, I need to be able to give non-Web literate people the ability to creat posts on their own and knowledge of html coding is beyond them – I have not had this issue with any other theme that I have used for other website designs (see for a list) so I am still strongly suspecting a problem with your theme rather than WordPress. Can you take another look?


    • @daran – I have not seen this problem anywhere else; and, there appears to be a modification to the Parent or Child-Theme, or a plugin is conflicting with the theme functionality … perhaps even affecting the WordPress core `wpautop` function.

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