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The comments below were originally posted on the Five-Minute-Fix page and have been addressed in some form or fashion. They have been moved here to keep the topics on the Five Minute Fix page more current. Please feel free to contact us if you would like to discuss any of the comments below.


  • daran says:

    ok – will try disabling plugins to see if I can get it fixed… maybe it’s the Tiny MCE editor…?

  • Hi guys,

    When i checked the website this morning i have found a problem on the homepage (all the other pages are ok!)

    There is a grey line running across the screen just above the page title, also the bottom part of the homepage is distorted.

    Any idea on how to fix this?

    Thank you.

    • @Paolo – My first guesses are pointing to either a theme modification, or a plugin conflict. As to a fix … if a modification was made, try reverting it; if a plugin is the issue, try deactivating them in the order they were last activated.

  • Jeff Bush says:

    Hello. I need to figure out why my Appearance tab, Widgets only shows Available widgets (Add This Follow Widget). The side bars do not show so that I can put info there in text widgets. My other WP sites have it so I can customize changes. It was there originally because I was able to put in one ad in the sidebar using a text widget. It has disappeared from the Appearance tab. None of my other widgets that were installed shows under the available widgets. Thank you

    • @Jeff – This may be a widget/plugin issue as the theme does not do anything to affect what appears in the Appearance | Widgets menu panel. Try deactivating your most recent plugins and check if that resolves the issue. If so, follow up with that plugin author. Feel free to have them contact me if they see a conflict between the theme and the plugin but I find that very unlikely.

  • Jeff Bush says:

    I had a long list but found the problem widget the 3rd one I tried. The offender is AddThis Follow Widget . As soon as I deactivated – updated everything appeared like it should. Thanks.

  • ash says:

    Hi there, love ur theme, how ever when i installed it on too my travel blog it only let me have one top menu, i cant work out how too change it…yours is displayed with a few and the original profile is too please help

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  • blessing says:

    hi there love your theme . i’m new to wordpress and i am using your theme for our internal blog . May you please help me on how i can change the template color to white from the current grey. I have already changed the background picture . Thanks a mil.

  • amy says:

    Hi, I have been having some issues with our site being really slow to load. I checked with my hosting account and they said, from the diagnostics they ran, it is most likely an issue with the theme and its load time. I’ve since updated the theme to the most current version of the theme. that didn’t help.

    When I’m on one page within the site for more than about a minute, you can see that the page is constantly trying to reload. I’m sure this is part of my issue with the site loading slowly.

    What can I do to make things load faster or is there something in theme I can do to help??


    • @amy – There is nothing in the Desk Mess Mirrored theme that would cause such a significant delay in your site loading. Therefore I would look at the plugins you are using on your site. For example, you appear to be using Google Analytics (not part of the theme) and that script is loading in the header whereas it should load in the footer. Changing that one thing alone may provide you with significant improvements with load time. I would also recommend reviewing any other plugins that may possibly be configured incorrectly.

  • Jim Treganza says:

    I’ve installed Desk Mess Mirrored with the Multi child theme and like the whole thing very much. Problem is, I don’t have a yellow “sticky note” for the BLOG, and I can’t switch back from any of the pages I’ve created. I’ve tried messing around with the pages and the menus, uninstalling and reinstalling. What am I missing? Can you help me? Thanks. Jim Treganza

    • @Jim – I see you are still using Multi, thank you! Now, working from a “default” installation, you appear to have written two posts (or edited one and written a new one) and have edited the sample page. After many requests the theme no longer has a “Home” sticky note (read: top menu item), just create a Custom menu link item and use your domain as the link. This will create a “Home” or BLOG link. Then assign this “new” menu to the top menu location. You can then add pages or other items as you see fit, or check the box to automatically add new pages to the menu … your call. As to being able to “switch back” by default you simply need to click on the middle graphic’s text as that will always be a link back to your site’s home page.

  • I’ve searched everywhere to solve my problem of the background paper image missing from my blog. Please tell me how to resolve or point me in the right direction.

    Thank you so much for the fun, Desk Mess Mirrored theme and for assisting me. I sincerely appreciate your precious time.

    • @Belinda – When I visited you site I also noticed there is no footer being displayed and the sidebar is being truncated. This almost always points to a plugin/widget not working correctly. I would suggest starting with making all you current widgets inactive (move them to the inactive box on the widgets page, you may not need to deactivate them on the plugins page, yet). See if that brings back the background and everything else. If so the move the inactive widgets back to the sidebar area you want them in and check after each to make sure the problem does not return. Once you find the problematic widget, let the plugin author know … they may have a fix for the issue.

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