BNS Featured Category


Plugin with multi-widget functionality that displays most recent posts from specific category or categories (set with user options). Also includes user options to display: Category Description; Author and meta details; comment totals; post categories; post tags; and either full post, excerpt, or your choice of the amount of words (or any combination). Please make sure to read the latest changelog for new and modified features and options.
* Copyright 2009-2016 Edward Caissie (email :

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
it under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 2,
as published by the Free Software Foundation.

You may NOT assume that you can use any other version of the GPL.

This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
GNU General Public License for more details.

You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin St, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA 02110-1301 USA

The license for this software can also likely be found here:

  • Please note, support may be available on the WordPress Support forums; but, it may be faster to visit and leave a comment with the issue you are experiencing.


Latest version: Download BNS Featured Category v2.8.2 [zip]


This section describes how to install the plugin and get it working.

  1. Upload bns-featured-category.php to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate through the ‘Plugins’ menu.
  3. Place the BNS Featured Category widget appropriately in the Appearance | Widgets section of the dashboard.
  4. Set options to personal preferences, for example:
  • Widget Title
  • Categories – separated by commas
  • Show (first) Category Description (checkbox)
  • Show Author and date/time details of post (checkbox)
  • Show all categories attached to post (checkbox)
  • Show all tags attached to post (checkbox)
  • Show post in full or use default of post excerpt (checkbox)

— or –

  1. Go to ‘Plugins’ menu under your Dashboard
  2. Click on the ‘Add New’ link
  3. Search for bns-featured-category
  4. Install.
  5. Activate through the ‘Plugins’ menu.
  6. Place the BNS Featured Category widget appropriately in the Appearance | Widgets section of the dashboard.
  7. Set options to personal preferences, for example:
  • Widget Title
  • Categories – separated by commas
  • Show (first) Category Description (checkbox)
  • Show Author and date/time details of post (checkbox)
  • Show all categories attached to post (checkbox)
  • Show all tags attached to post (checkbox)
  • Show post in full or use default of post excerpt (checkbox)

Read this article for further assistance:

Shortcode: bnsfc

Parameters are very similar to the plugin:

  • ‘title’ => __( ‘Featured Category’, ‘bns-fc’ ),
  • ‘cat_choice’ => ‘1’,
  • ‘display_children’ => false,
  • ‘union’ => false,
  • ‘use_current’ => false,
  • ‘count’ => ‘0’,
  • ‘show_count’ => ‘3’,
  • ‘offset’ => ‘0’,
  • ‘sort_order’ => ‘DESC’,
  • ‘use_thumbnails’ => true,
  • ‘content_thumb’ => ‘100’,
  • ‘excerpt_thumb’ => ’50’,
  • ‘show_meta’ => false,
  • ‘show_comments’ => false,
  • ‘show_cats’ => false,
  • ‘show_cat_desc’ => false,
  • ‘link_title’ => false,
  • ‘show_tags’ => false,
  • ‘featured_image_first’ => false,
  • ‘only_titles’ => false,
  • ‘no_titles’ => false,
  • ‘show_full’ => false,
  • ‘excerpt_length’ => ”,
  • ‘no_excerpt’ => false

NB: Use the shortcode at your own risk!


Q. Where do I put my custom stylesheet?
A. You will need to use an FTP client to add the /bns-customs/ folder under the /wp-content/ folder, then place your bns-custom-style.css file in the /bns-customs/ folder.

Q. Why did you add the `/bns-customs/` folder?
A. The /bns-customs/ folder will be used as an update safe location for all plugins I write.
As most of these plugins use the “BNS” designator, the folder name will make it easier to locate your customizations.

Q. Can I use this in more than one widget area?
A. Yes, this plugin has been made for multi-widget compatibility. Each instance of the widget will display, if wanted, differently than every other instance of the widget.

Q. How can I style the plugin output?
A. The plugin uses several “common” WordPress functions that create standard class and id elements that can be styled in the style.css file
* the classes generated by the post_class() function; and, the id generated by “post-” appended to the_ID() function wrap the general post output
* the plugin class post-details wraps the general meta details of the post, such as the Author, Categories, Tags, etc.
* the overall plugin may also be wrapped in a widget “container” class, or id, specific to the theme itself such as (but not limited to): widget, sidebar, left, right, etc.
As of version 1.9, you may create a custom stylesheet using the name bnsfc-custom-style.css; and save it to the BNS Featured Category plugin folder.
Elements you add into this file will not be overwritten with future plugin updates. With the addition of the display Category Description option an additional class was written into the plugin.
To style the category description displayed add the class ‘bnsfc-cat-desc’ to your bnsfc-custom-style.css file then use your choice of properties to style the text, for example:

.bnsfc-cat-desc {font-style: italic;}

Q. What style elements are specifically generated by the plugin?
A. The following CSS elements are generated by the plugin code:

  • .bns-featured-category
  • .bnsfc-widget-title
  • .bnsfc-container
  • .bnsfc-link
  • .bnsfc-cat-class-< category choice(s) >
  • .bnsfc-cat-desc
  • .bnsfc-clear
  • .bnsfc-content
  • .bnsfc-no-posts-message

Additional style elements may be available but are most likely created through WordPress core functionality, the current active Theme, or another active plugin.

Q. Can I increase the maximum posts to display?
A. As of version 1.6.2 the Total Posts to Display is independent of the “posts per page” setting as set under Settings | Reading.



  • Released March 2016
  • Added new custom meta field sort option (props Billy Solo)


  • Released February 2016
  • Added i18n language files


  • Released February 2016
  • Added “Title” option to sort order, both “A to Z” and “Z to A”
  • Changed plugin class to “singleton” style
  • Moved “in plugin update message” function into class
  • Renamed BNS_Feature_Category_Widget to BNS_Featured_Category
  • Replaced BNS_Featured_Category::custom_excerpt with wp_trim_words
  • Updated copyright year in all files


  • Released August 2015
  • Updated to use PHP5 constructor objects


  • Released March 2015
  • Update copyright years
  • Remove extraneous structure end comments …
  • Changed textdomain from bns-fc to bns-featured-category
  • Added “in plugin” update message


  • Released August 2014
  • Add new constants for use with plugin path and URL functionality
  • Added CSS wrapper class to separate shortcode style elements from widget usage
  • Added new option “Featured Image First” to display before balance of post
  • Added new style enqueue statement to read from update safe folder
  • Added sanity check to ensure there are “child categories” to display
  • Fixed sort order implementation
  • Updated inline documentation
  • Updated readme.txt


  • Released March 2014
  • Added bnsfc-container wrapper CSS element
  • Added bnsfc-widget-title class
  • Added bnsfc_no_posts_message hook to no posts message
  • Added option to only show posts from child categories
  • Added a “wish link” and “support_link” to the plugin meta row
  • Code Reformatting to better match current WordPress Coding Standards
  • Extracted code to create plugin_data method
  • Moved BNSFC Plugin Meta function into main class of plugin
  • Raised required version to WordPress 3.6
  • Updates to the readme.txt documentation


  • Released December 2013
  • Add new “union” option so posts must be in all categories chosen
  • Add hook bnsfc_query allowing the query arguments to be over-written
  • Add hook bnsfc_output allowing the entire output to be over-written
  • Add hook bnsfc_link to allow the infinity symbol to be more easily changed
  • Add plugin row meta details


  • Released September 2013
  • Added third parameter to shortcode_atts for automatic filter creation


  • Released May 2013
  • Version number compatibility update


  • Released February 2013
  • Added code block termination comments and other comments / documentation updates
  • Changed call to query_posts to WP_Query
  • Fixed conditionals for showing thumbnails
  • Fixed where content and excerpt post thumbnail sizes are used
  • Moved all code into class structure


  • Released February 2013
  • Assigned the string from get_the_excerpt to be used as the basis of the custom excerpt string
  • Added conditional to only append link if there are words to be used in the excerpt
  • Added termination comments to code blocks
  • Added dynamic version to enqueue parameters used in Options
  • Refactored code into a more OOP style


  • Released November 2012
  • Add option to use widget title as link to single category archive
  • Add filters to allow modification of author and date post meta details
  • Add filters to allow modification of category list post meta details
  • Documentation updates
  • Optimize output buffer closure in shortcode function
  • Remove load_plugin_textdomain as redundant
  • Updated widget option panel screenshot


  • Documentation updates
  • Corrected ‘no_excerpt” label issue
  • Featured images link to post
  • Remove ‘jQuery’ enqueue as it is enqueued as a dependency of the ‘bnsfc-options.js’ enqueue
  • Added option to not show the Post Title
  • Programmatically add version number to enqueue calls


  • Added option to set post sort order – ascending, descending, and random
  • Added ‘no excerpt at all’ checkbox option


  • Added BNS_Options_Scripts_and_Styles
  • Added inline documentation indicating what conditions will partially collapse the widget options panel
  • Added *-toggle variables for collapse effect
  • Added code to remove spaces (if used) when multiple categories are chosen
  • Added current_theme_supports check for post-thumbnails; no support = no thumbnail options


  • Fixed problem with non-existent custom stylesheet (see 1.9.1)


  • Added ‘offset’ option
  • Add CSS to set background to none; and width to 100% when shortcode used


  • Removed extra slash in wp_enqueue_scripts parameters
  • Added ‘content_thumb’ and ‘show_full’ to shortcode options – back to beta
  • Fixed 404 error when ‘bnsft-custom-style.css’ is not available


  • released November 2011
  • confirmed compatible with WordPress 3.3
  • added phpDoc Style documentation
  • added i18n support
  • added bnsfc-style.css for plugin specific elements
  • added wp_link_pages after the_content
  • changed code blocks order to more logical sequence
  • changed bnsfc_first_words to bnsfc_custom_excerpt (refactored documentation)
  • changed options panel width to 200px to fit within Administration Panel Sidebar
  • changed bns-cat-class- to bnsfc-cat-class- CSS prefix for category choices for consistency
  • corrected documentation typos
  • fix ‘only_titles’ form issue
  • minor code and format clean-up
  • updated ‘readme.txt’ Frequently Asked Questions
  • updated screenshot image


  • released May 2011
  • confirmed compatible with WordPress version 3.2
  • addressed some minor items in the readme (this file)
  • cleaned up some text strings in the code
  • minor variable changes – load_bnsfc_widget(), bnsfc_custom_excerpt()

1.8.4 /

  • released April 2011
  • confirmed compatible with WordPress 3.1.1
  • added option to use current category of post in single view


  • released December 11, 2010
  • Confirm compatible with WordPress 3.1 (beta)
  • Change ‘the_time’ to date-format option
  • Only show number of comments if not password protected


  • released Sept 21, 2010
  • added new and improved shortcode functionality – still may be considered beta


  • removed shortcode function due to error issues


  • released Sept 19, 2010
  • increased minimum required WordPress version to 2.9
  • add post_thumbnail support
  • added experimental shortcode support – currently best used to generate the only content on a post or page


  • released: 29 Aug 2010
  • compatibility check for WordPress 3.0.1
  • no other modifications


  • released: July 5, 2010
  • cleaned up code to meet WP Standards
  • added wp_reset_query();


  • compatible with WordPress version 3.0
  • updated license declaration


  • removed the_ID() function as redundant
  • added category related span around widget title

  • compatible with WordPress version 2.9.2
  • updated license declaration

  • clarified the plugin release under a GPL license

  • compatibility check for 2.9.1 completed


  • Total Posts to Display can now exceed the posts_per_page option value.


  • Minor correction to variable structure to allow for multiple instances of the plugin with independent post counts


  • added option to display the description for the (first) category choice as taken directly from the Categories panel under Posts in the Dashboard
  • wrapped Category Description in its own class: ‘bnsfc-cat-desc’
  • corrected issue with checkbox not displaying its state correctly
  • Updated the screenshot to show the most recent version of the options panel


  • modified excerpt function name to make more unique to plugin


  • added option to set the quantity of the first words of the post to display instead of the default excerpt.
  • modified description to reflect new functionality
  • slightly increased the size of option panel to better display controls


  • added version control compared against $wp_version
  • added horizontal rule to option panel for clarity


  • code cleanup and error trapping
  • added dynamic reference of maximum posts based on blog Settings | Reading “posts per page”


  • code clean up
  • changed the_content(__(‘Read more …’)) to the_content() as a more “default” version


  • added option for Post Titles only
  • added <div style="overflow-x: auto"> wrapper to allow for images wider than the widget area


  • Initial Release.


  • Andrew D says:

    Edward thanks for the quick reply. I wanted to figure out what’s happening a little better before I responded again – the thumb size is still not changing for me.
    I played around a bit, and what’s happening is the thumbnail size is coming up as the size set in my Media settings, no matter what I set excerpt_thumb at.
    So if I change my thumbnail size settings (under the Media settings) from 100×100 to 150×150, then upload a new featured image, the thumbnail will show up at the 150 size. Works the same way for reducing the size.
    So… would there be a way for me to have the plugin call the full-size image and reduce the size to a set width, rather than use the thumbnail? This is the only way I can think of to avoid re-uploading all my featured images to change the thumbnail size.
    Again any help is much appreciated.

    • @Andrew – The plugin uses the base function `the_post_thumbnail` and an array to resize the image to the value in the option setting. This is essentially what you are asking for already. The only thing that comes to mind at the moment is the question: does you theme support “post thumbnails” to begin with? Looking over the plugin code again, I see that I do not have a check for this theme functionality that is required for the plugin to work correctly. (NB: It’s going on the TO-DO list.)

  • lynn says:

    I am a true novice at all of this and am building a new site for my business. I love the idea of this plug-in but I can’t figure it out. Soooo this will probably seem like a really stupid question, but the category id that is asked for – is prepopulated as a number (1) for that. Where do I find the category id? I only want two categories to show up under “quick tips” and one under “video library” the categories are Quick Tips – Buyer and Quick Tips – Seller. Video would be the category under the video library tab.

    Thank you for any help you can give this true novice that is much better suited to selling houses! : D

  • vin Ienco says:

    how to get the thumbnail to display ? and the text is all squashed together and goes over the widget footer.

    • @vin – The thumbnail is based on the “Featured Image” of the post, if it is not used then it will not be displayed. As to the text being “squashed together and goes over the widget footer” I cannot say; aside from the meta data being displayed in a particular order based on the code, the balance of the content should be adapting the general styling of the post contents of the Theme you are using.

  • vin Ienco says:

    now its just grabbing posts at random. any fix for that ?

  • HumanV3 says:

    [bnsfc cat_choice='blog' show_count='3'] isn’t working… grabbing from all posts not just the blog. Is there an error with my shortcode?

  • Kevan says:

    Hi Edward,
    Your plugin is great, but I am having a problem using it for my particular situation. I am using a theme that seems to overide the wp posts and cats with its own. So if I attempt to use your plugin, it isn’t able to find the category that I want it to display. Here is an example of the link to a category that I would want to display:
    I think that I would want to add into the code something like:
    post_type = ‘project’
    but I am clueless as to where I’d place it???? Any thoughts? Even if it can’t be accomplished thanks for putting a great plugin out there.

  • Adam says:

    Edward, thank you for this plugin. Everything is working as it should except for the [more] tag. It is dead and displaying as (more)…..
    very strange.

    The site with the error is:

    Thanks for any help you can provide.

    • @Adam – The (more…) at the end of your excerpts would be derived from your theme and not related to the plugin. Also the plugin uses `the_excerpt`, or the first “X” words from the content (stripped of tags); either way it will not produce a link to the post. This may be something I will look into for future versions. Thank you for the feedback and choosing to use the plugin as extensively as you have.

  • Enrico says:

    Hi Edward, 1.9 version have make some problem with Monalisa plugin (emoticons) and with Sexybookmarks. Looks like some CSS problem, i think, with some align or float (emoticons and sexybookmarks buttons doesn’t align properly, they appears in one column instead the original align).

    • @Enrico – Thank you for the feedback.
      It appears the “wp-monalisa” plugin has issues it should be addressing by this notice upon activation:

      The plugin generated 1194 characters of unexpected output during activation. If you notice “headers already sent” messages, problems with syndication feeds or other issues, try deactivating or removing this plugin.

      I would be more than happy to address any conflicts, if they still exist, after the plugin author addresses this message.
      As to the “SexyBookmarks” plugin, I am not seeing any issues using the default settings … can you be more specific or share examples of the issue you are seeing?

  • Enrico says:

    Hi Edward, Monalisa works fine without your plugin, but when your plugin is actived, emoticons lose their alignment. With sexybookmarks you can see the problem here: or at any other article. It isn’t a great issue, just watch the first button (rss).

    • @Enrico – I see the RSS feed button you are referring to as having a CSS issue but I do not see BNS Featured Category as active on that page, nor do I see any potential CSS conflicts in the source code for the page; also to note all CSS elements defined within the plugin stylesheet are specifically prefaced with a unique identifier to insure there are no CSS conflicts with other plugins or the active theme. I am also unable to recreate the issue. I do appreciate the feedback and will leave this item on my review list.

      As to the Monalisa plugin, it may appear to work correctly when my plugin is not installed but I do not review conflicts with plugins that cause the WordPress core to display messages, or warnings, stating there are issues with the plugin in question. Once that is corrected I will be more than happy to review this issue.

  • Enrico says:

    Edward, i think there is some conflict, otherwise i can’t understand why CSS looks fine if i desable your plugin. 🙂 Same issue appears for Monalisa and for Sexybookmarks, so i think can’t be a coincidence.

  • Enrico says:

    Found the problem! The problem seems WP-Minify. For some rason, BNS-Featured Category + WP-Minify makes some conflict with other plugins. If i desable WP-Minify, it looks fine.

  • Cat says:

    Hi, I just installed your plug-in and I’m getting the following error:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function has_post_thumbnail() in /home/warrick/www/www/wp-content/plugins/bns-featured-category/bns-featured-category.php on line 223

    Any thoughts on what could be causing this? I’ve already tried deactivating other plug-ins to see if they conflict and the same error proceeds.

  • Abe says:

    Hi Ed,

    How do you set the excerpt to 0 ?
    I want to only show TITLE & Post THUMBNAIL without the excerpt.
    Also how to add more space between the post ?

  • Abe says:

    Hi Edward,

    How do you add a line between posts ?
    Also, How do you set the post excerpt to “0” ?

    Thank you,

  • Fred says:

    Great plugin. I am working on my site (not up yet) and was wondering when I put the BNS featured category on the sidebar so it shows on every post, what code do I change to have it pick random posts throughout the category I have selected so each time a post is loaded the posts in BNS featured category change. Right now it is always the same on every post in the sidebar. Thanks.

    • @Fred – Thanks for the compliment!
      As to making the posts display in a random order:

      1. It’s on the plugin’s TODO list (now … thanks, again);
      2. Until I can fit it into my schedule, have a look at the following code line (at or near line 235).
      query_posts( "cat=$cat_choice&posts_per_page=$show_count&offset=$offset" );

      Change it to:

      query_posts( "cat=$cat_choice&posts_per_page=$show_count&offset=$offset&orderby=rand" );

      This is untested, but should work … I will look at adding options to order the posts in the three standard methods of ascending, descending and random in a future update.

  • Fred says:

    Thanks that worked fine. You have a great plug in. I bought and used Recent Posts Pro but it does not function properly in Opera. I have had a lot of readers emailing and complaining. Your program works in all the major browsers I have tested. Chrome, IE, Firefox and Opera. Recent Posts Pro has some pretty cool features but even it lacks a way to indicate “SHOW POSTS OLDER THAN…. and then a date”. This would be an excellent way to draw attention to old posts. I have tried a lot of plug ins but none work well for showing old posts. Instead within Recent Posts Pro I can list the ID of posts that I want to randomly show. It’s a bit tedious but it lets me target those old posts and bring them back to life. You might want to consider that for your plug in. Either or both would work. Either selecting older posts by ID AND/OR selecting a BEFORE DATE to show older posts would work. You could certainly consider charging a small fee for your category plug in when you add those types of features. There is just nothing available that actually works and certainly nothing that is being maintained and updated. Many of these post type plugins are years old and do not work well. Thanks again and I look forward to your next update. Hope you add the random as a select so I can show some recent posts by ascending or descending and others by random. That would be great! Take care.

    • @Fred – I’m glad that modification worked; it shouldn’t take a lot to add it as an option. Now, the idea of a date range option as well, that is intriguing … I’ll add it as a review item. Thanks for the idea!

    • @Fred – Just a quick update note … I have worked out the post order option. Although I haven’t released it to the WordPress Extend Plugins repository, yet, it is available for testing purposes from its GitHub repository here. Feel free to give it a run; I’m still playing around with the date range idea.

      • Fred says:

        Checked it out, works really well! I checked it in Opera, Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Firefox and it works fine. I was wondering where in the code the padding or margin is that controls the space between the bottom of the text and the next article – not the space in between the articles, but in the article itself. Hope this isn’t too confusing. Basically, I notice I have a fair gap of probably a full line before the end of the article. I would like to tighten that up a little bit, but I can’t find where the padding or margin settings are for each article being shown. Thanks for all your help! You have a great plug-in. I look forward to further updates!

  • lll says:

    hi im currently using this plugin on my homepage to display my feature posts and was wondering if there was a way I can split the posts into two seperate columns instead of just the one?

    • @lll – I would imagine this is possible but it would require refactoring a few different places in the plugin code, and most likely adding some additional CSS as well. It’s an interesting idea but not one I will be implementing any time soon, although I will keep it under review as a possible enhancement in a future version. Thanks!

  • Nadav says:

    Hi Edward. I love your plugin. It works wonders on my website. But is it possible to make the background of each post change its color upon hover? (to have the entire post box background – including the post title, thumbnail pic and description – turn to another color upon moving the mouse on any element in the box).

    • @Nadav – A “hover” effect would be interesting but not straight-forward in a generic sense. I would recommend using a CSS :hover property in a custom stylesheet … you could try the ‘div.bnsfc-content’ element or ‘widget.bns-featured-category post’ element. Each may have an unwelcome effect as the first does not include the “block” title and the second extends down to the top of the title in the next post. Also to note, the active theme may have an effect on what is possible although in this case I do not see it as a potential conflict.

  • joe says:

    The thumbnails are not showing up when the widget is included in a sidebar. The theme does support thumbnails because there are a bunch of them already showing up on the page.

    I changed the size setting and checked and unchecked the box but still no thumbnail.

    • @Joe – I appreciate the feedback that you are experiencing an issue with your installation but I cannot offer any suggestions without more details, in this case your active theme would be helpful in seeing how it implements “featured images” as that is the actual post thumbnail the plugin uses.

  • How would I show the post title UNDER the thumbnail image?

  • David says:

    Utilizing your widget via the shortcode setup works great. My question is this: Is there a way to flow category post from the same category into two column displays on a page using the TinyMCE Advanced column shortcodes?

    [one_half] [bnsfc cat_choice='1' title='' use_thumbnails ='true' excerpt_thumb ='150' show_count='6' show_cats='true'] [/one_half]


    Any help is greatly appreciated. NOTE: This would basically make the articles flow from left column into the right column so that 12 articles would be presented in descending order across both columns.


    • @David – BNS Featured Category essentially creates a custom query for an archive (read: category) version of the_Loop. If the plugin you are asking about can handle that style of the_Loop I see no reason why it would not be able to output the content in the same fashion that is produced by BNS-FC.

  • Fred Harris says:

    Fantastic plug-in and it works in every major browser which is more than previous plug ins I have tried. Thanks! My question is on the title. Is there any way I can add to the .php file or somewhere else, to truncate the title to specific length. I have a lot of post titles that are longer than 80 characters and I would like something like:
    “The Is The Title And It Is Too Long ….”
    Is this at all possible? I looked at the .php file but could spot where I could put in a truncate command. Thanks!

    • @Fred – Thanks for choosing BNS Featured Category and thanks for the compliments. This is an interesting idea but not one I would implement as a standard feature / option with out some significant testing, but the plugin can probably be modified to accomplish this specifically with your needs in mind.

      Look at line 254 in the main plugin file where you will find <?php the_title(); ?> … you can try changing that to something along these lines: <?php echo substr( get_the_title(), 0, 79 ); ?>

      Also to note, make a backup of your work before making any modifications; and, make a backup of the modifications for future reference as they will be over-written with the next plugin update.

  • elham says:

    Hi, I ove your plugin!
    I am wundering how to link to whole with the_permalink();

    I am really frustrating, If I put the following code, it doesn’t link the div bnsfc-content, it appears before the div
    <a href="”>


    please help me.

  • Ren868 says:

    Great plugin, but is there a way to lengthen the except, say for instance I want the excerpt to be about 220 words? Everytime I am trying to enter the amount (220 words) , the required amount is not showing up on the front page. Any suggestions!

    • @Ren868 – The plugin’s excerpt option is meant to be used as a limiter causing the excerpt being displayed to be less than the default of 55 words. You might look at using the


      tag in your posts and then having the plugin display the entire content of those posts. This isn’t tested but in theory it should work.

  • jim says:

    I’m using your Featured category widget and I love it, except for one small issue. At the end of my excerpt where you’d typically see “Read More” mine displays a ∞. Now I know that this may be due to my template but how do I go about changing it?

    • @Jim – I thought I had added a filter for this (it’s going on my to-do list for the plugin) but if you look around line 632 for the $bnsfc_link variable you will see the ‘∞’ HTML entity being used, just replace that with what you want to use. I plan to add a filter so that it is more easily accessible rather than having to directly modify the plugin code (which will be over-written with every update).

      PS: Thanks for using the BNS Featured Category plugin! EAC

      PPS: A working version with the “new” filter to change the infinity symbol is available from the GitHub repository here: EAC

  • Jaume Ramisa says:

    how I can change the margins between photography and text?
    thank you
    (not if you’ve already posted this, but my level of English I find it hard to find)

    • @Jaume – Although most of the styling used by BNS Featured Category is actually taken from the current theme, you can look at this specific element to adjust the margins around the image(s) you want to address:

      div.bnsfc-content a img.alignleft.wp-post-image {
          margin-right: 10px;
          margin-bottom: 10px;

      Those are just sample numbers for you to start with.

      • Jaume Ramisa says:

        Thank you very much, solved.
        One suggestion: the number of words in the excerpt’s is title + text.
        always equal to define the text around a photo might be better to put only the number of words in the text, although the title is very long.
        Look at the example:
        both are set to 55 words
        thanks again

        • @Jaume – The plugin only uses what the end-user has already entered into their site. If they choose to use long titles then that is what the plugin will display, if they choose to not use a custom default length then the plugin will use what the site has for the post’s excerpt, which again is solely based on what the end-user has chosen: either the default (WordPress uses the first 55 words); or, what the end-user has specifically written.

          The only thing to further consider at this time is an option I have chosen not to add, which is limiting the characters/words shown from the title. In my mind this could be too many unexpected displays and would be a feature very few would use. Although you are welcome to make those edits or have someone else make those edits for you if you wish.

  • k bedi says:


    Is there a way of only showing child categories and not the parent category using BNS?

    thanks for your help

  • Fred says:

    Hi again! I have used your BNS featured category since early 2012! I have learned a lot about modifications but one thing I have never been able to do is figure out how I can change the title font size in the plugins CSS. I was back working on it tonight and thinking about that again. Is this all dependent on the theme or is there a setting I can change? Thanks

    • @Fred – Thanks for reminding me about this … I meant to put a wrapping class around the widget output and it appears I still need to do that. Since this is currently the plugin on my development desk I’ll make a note to add one. With that, you should be able to more easily use more specific CSS than your theme to adjust the font size. In the meantime, you should be able to pick out an appropriate ID from the page source for the instance of the plugin and work with that as well.

      • Fred says:

        Thanks Ed
        I really appreciate it. With more and more sites become more complex in layouts, plugins like yours are even more important. If you don’t mind me asking, how would I reference the title though through AA page source ID? Not being a programmer I am a little unsure here after reviewing the code how to reference it. Any advice is appreciated.

        • Fred says:

          I figured out a way in the php file to add an h2 or h3 (whatever you would want) to the title code. Works well for now. I look forward to your update.
          One thing I have always had trouble with is setting up the image size. A lot of the time I need width and height as I have images that are rectangular. Any possibility of adding that in?
          Whatever the case I will be buying you a coffee AND a donut with the next update. Hope you like donuts.
          Thanks for such great work and plug-in. (I also use the BNS featured tag plugin as well).

          • @Fred – If you are referring to the Featured Image functionality, the option is there to create a square image which I felt suited sidebars / widgetized areas much better than what might happen if both dimensions were exposed. It probably wouldn’t be too difficult to add the second dimension but I do not currently have any plans to expand that part of the plugin’s functionality.

            • Fred says:

              I can understand not adding it but a lot of sites have rectangular images and squaring them off never really looks good. I have also used another recent post widget that allows for setting both dimensions and it solves those who need a rectangular image. A couple of the wordpress themes I use are rectangular images as they are related to photographs so it is nice to be able to alter the image size for specific photos to keep the aspect proper for readers.
              Just an opinion for sure.

              • @Fred – I agree a lot of sites have rectangular images and for the most part they are also the most correct in the aesthetics they provide for the actual posts using them.

                The intent of this widget is to provide an archive like display of the featured category, or categories, and the squared thumbnail suits the aesthetic I was looking to achieve.

                Perhaps an expansion of the shortcode functionality may be a better place to consider the additional dimension but then I would be looking at a much larger and more complex refactoring of the plugin.

                You are always welcome to fork the plugin and implement your ideas of a rectangular thumbnail. I would be happy to review the pull request.

  • k bedi says:


    great plugin – how can you set a default featured image within the plugin?


  • Dobert says:

    I wanted to use it as a shortcode but as soon as I add show_count parameter it ignores the title parameter…

    [bnsfc title ='test', cat_choice = 17, count=1]

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