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Marble desktop covered with a mix of old and new items, such as some vintage papers, a stainless steel pen, and, a hot cup of coffee! Now with more documentation and post-format support for the following types: asides, quotes and status! Please read the included changelog.txt, readme.txt, and support.txt files for details of the latest changes and important notices. Please note WordPress 4.1 or greater is required.
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=== Desk Mess Mirrored ===

Last revised: May 15, 2015

- moved back to `readme.txt` file

/** ------------------------------------------------------------------------- */

== Version 2.3 ==

= Code =

  • Added BNS Login "Compatibility Code" to use dashicons instead of text
  • Dropped backward compatibility for `wp_title` with Desk Mess Mirrored Child-Themes based on version 2.1 and earlier
  • Removed `wp_list_bookmarks` section from `sidebar.php` template
  • Wrap `register_sidebar` calls in a function that is used as a callback for the `widgets_init` hook
  • Take into account what happens on the 404 page when returning no posts

= CSS =

  • Aligned previous month text in default calendar widget to left
  • Stop Gravity Forms reCaptcha iframe from creating a blank area in the footer
  • Fixed mixed list bullets
  • Minor layout adjustments for widget items

= Miscellaneous =

  • Code reformatting to better meet current WordPress Coding Standards
  • Adjusted screenshot size to be 880x660 pixels

/** ------------------------------------------------------------------------- */

== Version 2.2.4/ ==

= Code =

  • Added `dmm_post_meta_link_edit()` function with filter hooks for DRY purposes
  • Removed call to `function_exists( 'dynamic_sidebar' )` as required WordPress version precludes its necessity

= CSS =

  • Added better list element styles
  • Fixed typo on `.wp-caption img` max-width property
  • Fixed `.wp-caption` left and right alignment issues
  • Minor clean-up of old properties

= Miscellaneous =

  • Added `Textdomain` to theme header block
  • Changed `fixed-width` theme tag to `fixed-layout`
  • Code reformatted to better meet the WordPress Coding Standards
  • Clean-up `readme.txt` file
  • Replaced screenshot with new 880 x 660 version (removed secondary screenshots)
  • Updated Copyright Years

/** ------------------------------------------------------------------------- */

== Version 2.2.3 ==

= Code =

  • Added support for Post-Format: Link
  • Added DMM_SHOW_PAGE_PERMALINK constant
  • Made "Page Permalink" link conditionally display with default as false
  • Removed unused $sep_location parameter

= CSS =

  • Added appropriate styling for post-format: link related items
  • Removed really old browser CSS support ... going with support for current only

= Miscellaneous =

  • Added Serbo-Croatian translation by Andrijana Nikolic from

/** ------------------------------------------------------------------------- */

== Version 2.2.2 ==

= Code =

  • Fix comments closed message displaying when comments are open

/** ------------------------------------------------------------------------- */

== Version 2.2.1 ==

= Code =

  • Expanded use of DMM_HOME_DOMAIN constant
  • Change featured image to display full and centered across posts
  • Corrected closed comments logic to properly display message
  • Refactored author "About" box to not show empty details

= CSS =

  • Added ordered list styles for pages with comments
  • Added classes to author "About" box details for easier display manipulation
  • Added site title and description id to appropriate HTML container
  • Adjusted '.wp-caption img' properties
  • Adjusted 'li.text_widget' margin values
  • Adjusted various CSS elements and properties to display TUT data more correctly
  • Adjusted `hr` class properties
  • Centered searchform box and hid screen reader text

/** ------------------------------------------------------------------------- */

== Version 2.2 ==

= Code =

  • Added filtered text messages when comments are open/closed but none exist
  • Added link to author page when comments closed message is displayed
  • Added code block termination comments
  • Minor code formatting / refactoring to use "braces" for code blocks
  • Refactor post meta details into a better string output

= CSS =

  • Add `clear: both` to 'img.aligncenter,' to fix Firefox issue with large images placed close to the featured image
  • Added CSS relevant to the "Monster" plugin that represents the default WordPress core plugins

= Miscellaneous =

  • Updated 'style.css' header block to use labels as noted in core trac ticket #16868

/** ------------------------------------------------------------------------- */

== Version 2.1 ==

Changelog: December 3, 2012

= Code =

  • Added DMM_HOME_DOMAIN constant for better future proofing
  • Added 'DMM No Posts Found' function to replace repetitive code
  • Removed backward compatibility checks to bring in line with current WordPress versions (3.4+)
  • Removed DMM_Add_Body_Classes in favor of using BNS Body Classes at

/** ------------------------------------------------------------------------- */

== Version 2.0.4 ==

Changelog: August 21, 2012

= Code =

  • Corrected use of `get_template_directory` in `load_theme_textdomain` parameters
  • Removed backward compatibility check for wp_nav_menu
  • Changed enqueued version to be dynamically taken from theme version
  • Change 'comment-reply' script hook to 'comment_form_before'

= CSS =

  • Reduce z-index of #cup to put under menu

= Miscellaneous =

  • Removed German and Spanish translation files as too old.
  • Added French translation files, courtesy of Samy Rahib at
  • Minor typos in 'readme.txt'

/** ------------------------------------------------------------------------- */

== Version 2.0.3 ==

Changelog: July 5, 2012

= Code =

  • Added conditional check for custom post types
  • Added `dmm_scripts_and_styles` to enqueue additional scripts and styles such as menu animation
  • Refactor `dmm_modified_post` to add link to modified author posts if they exist
  • Refactor `dmm_wp_title` to more correctly use filter while maintaining backward-compatibility
  • Updated `custom-background` parameters to use default image and color

= CSS =

  • Added 'extra.css' for menu animation (`add_action` call to enqueue this file has been commented out)
  • Add jetpack class to HTML body tag if plugin is active
  • Adjusted #content left margin
  • Adjusted menu link padding
  • Corrected issue with comments meta showing list bullet
  • Removed `table` element properties
  • Replaced deprecated `get_theme_data`
  • Replaced deprecated `add_custom_background`

/** ------------------------------------------------------------------------- */

== Version 2.0.2 ==

Changelog: March 1, 2012

= Code =

  • Un-wrapped the `register_nav_menu` call

= Miscellaneous =

  • Added additional screenshots
  • Updated 'readme.txt' with a Screenshot section and relevant descriptions

/** ------------------------------------------------------------------------- */

== Version 2.0.1 ==

Changelog: February 15, 2012

= Code =

  • Fixed display issue when widget title was empty - see `dmm_widget_title`

= CSS =

  • Added z-index to "cup" to keep it on top of "sticky notes"
  • Adjusted `#logo h2` element text position higher for better cross-browser compatibility

= Miscellaneous =

  • Updated 'readme.txt' with a "Licensing" section
  • Updated 'readme.txt' explaining the relevance and possible usage of the 'Page Link' shortlink found on pages.

/** ------------------------------------------------------------------------- */

== Version 2.0 ==

Changelog: January 9, 2012

= Code =

  • Added additional PHPDoc style documentation
  • Added `DMM WP Title` - utilizes the `wp_title` filter to add text to the default title output
  • Added `DMM Use Posted` function for posts without titles
  • Added minimal doc-block to each template file as relevant
  • Added 'desk-mess-mirrored' loop template
  • Added 'dmm-navigation' and implemented in 404, index, archive, and author template files
  • Added post-formats: aside, quote, and status
  • Added clearing `div` at top of 'author' and 'page' templates
  • Added project TODO section to 'index.php'
  • Added `DMM Add Body Classes` - Adds additional classes to the core `body_class` function
  • Changed `BNS Theme Version` to `DMM Theme Version` with extensive re-writes to text displayed
  • Changed `my_theme_data` to `active_theme_data` in `DMM Theme Version`
  • Changed post navigation test to 'Older posts' and 'Newer posts' replacing 'Previous entries' and 'Next entries' respectively
  • Implemented 'desk-mess-mirrored' loop in 404, archive, author, index (home, front-page), page, single templates
  • Re-defined each widget area separately to allow for descriptions to show end-user more details about each area
  • Removed 'Home" link code from `dmm_list_pages`
  • Removed unused images (from IE6 support)
  • Renamed `BNS Dynamic Copyright` to `DMM Dynamic Copyright` (refactored changelog)
  • Renamed `BNS Modified Post` to `DMM Modified Post` (refactored changelog)
  • Replaced TEMPLATEPATH constant with `get_template_directory_uri`
  • Rewrote class used in 'author' template to add author role as a class element
  • Updated documentation to clarify `DMM Dynamic Copyright` parameters
  • Updated 'readme.txt' information - NB: All open and new TODO items will be found in their appropriate file going forward from this version

= CSS =

  • Added 'Order of Contents' reference to the stylesheet with minor re-organization
  • Added id `wp-link-pages` wrapper to `wp_link_pages` output
  • Added CSS placeholder elements (.administrator, .editor, .contributor, .subscriber, and .guest) for new comment author classes
  • Changed bottom of post to have smaller separating margin and added a bottom border to better delineate posts
  • Changed base font-size to 100% and adjusted typography as needed/required
  • Removed the right and bottom borders from the gallery images; and added additional elements to handle galleries up to 10 columns wide
  • Removed (using comments) `background property` from `code` element
  • Removed margins from a blockquote if it is within another blockquote
  • Reorganized stylesheet and added 'Order of Contents' section for reference
  • Updated forms and search widget styles

/** ------------------------------------------------------------------------- */

== Version 1.9.1 ==

  • added CSS optimizations
  • added PHPDoc style documentation
  • combined added comment classes `user-ID` and `microid` creation into one function `Add Comment Classes` in 'comments.php'
  • corrected comment reply style
  • drop direct support for Internet Explorer 6 or order
  • modified `.widget h2` CSS to better allow for long titles in the sidebar
  • moved "You must be logged in to post a comment." to be more clearly readable
  • moved enqueued `comment-reply` call from 'header.php' to 'functions.php'
  • removed `get_page_number` function as no longer needed
  • removed 'category.php' template file as not used
  • reviewed and corrected old changelog entries for spelling and other minor typos
  • updated 'readme.txt' (minor changes)


-- Version 1.9

- corrects issues with custom menus and brings forward all other changes added at 1.8.7

-- Version

- reversion to

-- Version 1.8.7

- tested compatible up to WordPress 3.2.1

- removed inline styles affecting `the_tags()` in index, single, category, author, and 404 templates

- chronologically arranged the 'Basic FAQ' in the readme file (most recent addition first).

- hide comment "balloon" if post is password protected

- miscellaneous clean-up in the style.css file

- re-worked dropdown menu CSS to better handle multiple child menu items from one parent menu item

- re-worked "sticky note" image to handle longer menu item names before repeating the image

-- Version

- corrected readme.txt file FAQ re: `dmm_dynamic_copyright`

-- Version 1.8.6

- released June 19, 2011

- tested compatible up to WordPress 3.2-RC1

- re-worked `dmm_dynamic_copyright` to be more easily defined by the end-user

- re-worked `desk_mess_mirrored_setup` to add additional `if ( ! function_exists() )` checks

- re-worked `bns_theme_version` and `dmm_modified_post` to better handle internationalization

-- Version 1.8.5

- added function_exists check for `dmm_get_page_number`, `dmm_dynamic_copyright` and `bns_theme_version`

- added function_exists check for `dmm_modified_post` (still not implemented fully in theme)

-- Version 1.8.4

- released May 30, 2011

- add 'WordPress Required Version: 3.0' and 'Tested Up To: 3.2' - see

- added (temporary) Jetpack plugin CSS to resolve clearing issue; see

- modify `dmm_dynamic_copyright` to include link to home page

- modify `dmm_dynamic_copyright` and `bns_theme_version` to have unique `span` wrappers for styling

- adjust comment styles: `p`

-- Version 1.8.3

- released: March 6, 2011

- published: March 7, 2011

- Mostly style changes to reflect the new Theme Unit Test data (abbr, acronym, address, lists in comments)

- updated author archive template to respect posts without titles

-- Version 1.8.2

- released: see Version 1.8.3

- minor corrections

- minor CSS list related additions

- added 'dmm_' to the functions in comments.php

- additional plugin specific CSS (Twitter Tools, CommentLuv)

- added updated German translation provided by Jasper Golze (

-- Version 1.8.1

- released: November 8, 2010

- published: November 8, 2010

- Extra line corrections.

-- Version 1.8

- released: November 7, 2010

- published: November 8, 2010

- added drop down menu functionality, finally!

- moved all default sidebar content into widget area 'Sidebar 1'

- removed text from printing in comment balloon when password is required

- changed to using get_search_form()

- added '.gallery-caption' and '.bypostauthor' style classes (as empty elements)

- updated editor-style.css

- update readme.txt file

-- Version 1.7.2

- released: Sept 3, 2010

- correct issue created by the use of home_url() replacing bloginfo( 'url' ) per Theme Review codex page last edited Aug 31, 2010.

-- Version 1.7.1

- released: Sept 2, 2010

- corrected issue with `searchform.php` template file

- changed `ul id="menu"` to `ul class="menu"`

- meta information generator handled by WordPress removed from `header.php`

- CSS: for use with the default 'Search' widget

- CSS: address spacing issue for comment form fields (user not logged in)

-- Version 1.7

- released: July 20, 2010

- published: Aug 5, 2010

- add License URI to style.css title block

- minor change to `the_content` "more" text

- css form fine-tuning

- code clean up to meet WP Standards

- moved default search into `sidebar-1` (a popular end-user feedback request)

- add `custom menu` support

- add `custom background` support

- add `post-thumbnail` support to posts and pages

- add `editor-style` support

-- Version 1.6

- released: June 12, 2010

- published: June 29, 2010

- added Belorussian language files by Patricia Clausnitzer at

- WP: general code clean up to meet WP Standards

- WP: updated comments.php to use comment_form() function; old comment form will be removed with next theme revision (post WordPress v3.0)

- CSS: increased default font size to 14px

- CSS: minor adjustment for BNS Plugin styles and 'ul.children li' property

- CSS: add "YUI Reset" and "WordPress Rules" (and necessary adjustments)

- Removed unused graphics: comh2.png; flickr.png; footer-mozilla.png; footer-wp.png; socialbck.png; and, twitter.png. This will not affect existing installations as updating will not remove any existing files.

-- Version 1.5.1

- released: Apr 23, 2010

- published: Apr 28, 2010

- each file noted with its last updated version starting at version 1.5

- WP: correction to widget definition in functions.php and sidebar.php

-- Version 1.5

- released: April 18, 2010

- removed `show_avatar` function (not used)

- reviewed for compatibility with WordPress 3.0

- using `add_theme_support` added: `post-thumbnails`, `nav-menus`, and `automatic-feed-links`

- added BNS Modified Post function (requires WordPress 3.0)

- WP: added third widget area to sidebar

- WP: adopted default widget code as standard

- CSS: removed 'text-align:center' property from 'widget' class

- additional modifications to meet current guidelines as found at:

-- Version 1.4.7

- CSS: added '*:focus' element

-- Version 1.4.6

- added "GPL2" license statement to style.css

- CSS: added 'p a img' element to remove linked image borders

- WP: added dmm_dynamic_copyright() function to footer.php

- WP: Modified navigation links at bottom of pages

-- Version 1.4.5

- corrected positioning of 'cancel-comment-reply-link'

- corrected positioning of 'logged-in' message for comments

- added query reset to correct for possible is_home() issue?!

- corrected deprecated parameter 'siteurl' to 'url' in header.php

- edited footer.php template file to better handle possible lengthy text fields

- CSS: cleaned out empty elements

- CSS: added #bottom-container within #bottom-extended

- CSS: reviewed IE6 conditional style sheet -> reduced theme elements being displayed; please upgrade!

- CSS: added better styling of page list elements

- moved theme version display to functions.php

- minor updates to Multi child theme included

- Multi version number should reflect Desk Mess Mirrored version

- NB: The image files twitter.png and flickr.png will remain but are not used in the theme.

- NB: Multi will no longer be included with Desk Mess Mirrored to reduce theme size after version 1.4.5

- NB: Multi will be available to download at

-- Version

- corrected page list style that was affecting sidebar layout

-- Version 1.4.4

- added body_class() function

- added clearing div at the end of the_Loop

- German language translation by Hno2 added

-- Version

- corrected child theme file structures

-- Version 1.4.3

- Updated Multi child theme to use correct comments.php template for threaded/nested functionality.

- CSS (new): added '.wp-caption.aligncenter {margin: 10px auto;}'

- CSS (new): added 'sup' and 'sub' elements

- added the signature HR image (finally) ... just use an 'hr' or 'desk-mess-mirrored' class

-- Version 1.4.2

- CSS (new): added ' {margin: 0;}' as pointed out by Andy Fragen of

- CSS (edit): #comments -> 'padding: 24px 0 0 40px;' to 'padding: 30px 0 0 30px;'

- CSS (new): added '.page ol', '.page ul', and '.page li' elements

- comments.php (line 40) -> changed 'One Comment' to '1 Comment'

-- Version 1.4.1

- minor code clean-up and formatting for easier reading

- changes to template files (index, archive, author, category, page, single): post="class" to post_class() function

- CSS (new): added 'sticky' elements

- CSS (edit): comment-body -> added 'padding-right: 10px;'

- CSS (edit): uncommented class 'user-id-2' style properties

-- Version 1.4

- Added Threaded Comments!

- CSS: several changes to allow for the addition of Threaded Comments

-- Version 1.3.1

- updated Theme URL (to its own page)

- CSS (new): added a:focus

- CSS (edit): .widget #wp-calendar -> changed 'margin: 0' to 'margin: 0 auto;'

- CSS (edit): updated BNS Plugins section

- CSS (edit): input:focus, textarea:focus -> changed 'padding-bottom: 30px' to 'padding: 1px 0;'

-- Version 1.3

- added wp_link_pages() into single.php

- re-coded footer.php to correct for issues with fopen() errors

- re-coded the searchform.php and sidebar search box

- CSS (new): added addition #main-blog elements in the === Forms === section

- CSS (new): added BNS Plugins section

NB: Version 1.2 will be the last version to maintain the legacy files:

  • home.php
  • header-home.php

To use the most current and up-to-date version of the Desk Mess Mirrored

theme, please delete and re-install. If you have any questions regarding

how to do this, please feel free to contact me directly. Thank you.

~~ cais (email:

-- Version 1.2

- added "edit" link to page.php

- added "comments" to page.php

- added child theme: Multi in folder "desk-mess-mirrored-multi"

- added "child-theme-readme.txt" to help with installation

- edited "footer.php" to wrap wp_footer call in its own `div id="bottom-extended"`

- CSS: added styles for #bottom-extended

-- Version 1.1.1

- corrected header-home.php and home.php to details of version 1.0.9

- corrected CSS: changed "#akismetwrap" to "#akismetstats"

-- Version 1.1.0

- removed the files ~header-home.php and ~home.php from the theme package

-- Version 1.0.9

- deprecated the header-home.php and home.php files by adding a tilde (~) character to the beginning of the file name. The functionality was merged into the index.php file with additional PHP code, specifically an IF statement to test for the displayed page being the "home page", or the "front page". This will reduce maintenance and potential errors that cropped up due to the extra files.

-- copies of header-home.php and home.php from version 1.0.8 are still included (prefixed with the tilde character) but will be removed in 1.1.0

- re-coded footer to programmatically write the theme name in the credit line, including recognition of child themes.

- added additional internationalization code

- CSS: corrected "administrator" background-image issue

- CSS: adjust 'padding' in ".post-comments" elements to better align number of comments

- CSS: added ".left" and ".right" alignment elements

- CSS: "#akismetwrap" added to align Akismet blue graphic in widget block

- CSS: ".commentlist pre" added

- CSS: removed 'border: 1px inset;' from "#com p code"

- IE6 CSS: additional adjustments made to the IE6 CSS to show menu >> unfinished

-- Version 1.0.8

- the name of the theme in the credits line (footer) is now displayed programmatically from the (parent) stylesheet "Theme Name" details

- added more internationalization (I18n) code specified at this page:

- summarized h1-h6 style elements; and, added h4, h5, h6 styles

- style element "#menu li" and "#content" amended to handle long page names; corrections for menu overflow on longer names

- added "overflow:hidden" to #bottom as suggested by Florin Arjuco ( -> with many thanks for other inputs as well

-- Version 1.0.7

-> .po file to be used for translations can be generated at

- added theme version number in credit line

- removed category.php placeholder file

-- Version 1.0.6

- Removed unused CSS (legacy from original theme)

- added minimal Form element styles

- added email link to author.php

- removed list "dot" beside calendar via '#subcolumn ul' element

- added '.post dl' and related CSS elements

-- Version 1.0.5 (Jun 9, 2009)

- Corrected RSS feed URL in single.php (correction as noted by Bill Girimonti - Thank You!)

- Added comment `code` styles

- Added author template page

- Author posts displayed with "Mullet Loop" as inspired by

- Added link to author page in single.php at end of post

- Added styles for author related items

-- Version 1.0.4

- additional localization added

- slight theme detail changes

- added Ordered List `ol` styles

-- Version 1.0.3

- removed jbLogo.php from theme and all references

-- Version 1.0.2

- Added sample second administrator (user_id=2) code in comments.php (see above)

- Added background image to CSS pre element

- corrected comment on img#wpstats element; and, changed style to recommended from ../extend/plugins/stats/faq/

- moved jbLogo required CSS to inline see file contents of jbLogo.php

- commented out sample link in jbLogo.php; and, referenced sample image size

- original jbLogo CSS commented out, left for reference purposes

-- Version 1.0.1

- Reduced credit links in footer to one (1) for submission purposes


  • Lars Raae says:

    Here is the link. – the first page works fine – but on the others ones I cannot hide the comment field


  • Lars Raae says:

    I fixed it by renaming the pages on the tabs. So comment field gone now 🙂

    • @Lars – Comments can be turned off by a checkbox option on the edit page window. This options section is generally found beneath the content box. If you do not see it, you may need to turn it on via the “Screen Options” tab at the top right of the window.

      PS: Thanks for choosing Desk Mess Mirrored, I’m glad you are enjoying it.

      • Mary says:

        Actually to change the comments option on each page you have to choose the “quick edit” option — and this is found when you go to your list of pages and highlight the page you want to edit.
        If I went into my page to edit, this option is not there. This is what I had to do. Hope it helps.

  • Lars Raae says:

    thanks – I am newbie at this 🙂

  • Beautiful theme. Love it.

    I’m having a problem with the menu showing up twice. This happens whenever i enter another page than the homepage. My static home page is not named home.

    Happy for any solution.

    • Correction: The home menu is showing up twice. I named the static home page welcome, and if I enter any page, The theme shows home, then all my pages, and then the page named welcome again, whic is the same as home.

      • @Andre – As I suggested in my previous reply, a Custom Menu should be able to fix this issue. Also to note, when you use a Custom Menu you can “sort” the menu items into whichever order suits your site best, by default the `wp_list_pages` function (which anchors many navigation menus and is used here) sorts the page names alphabetically thus creating the order you are seeing.

    • @Andre – The Theme, by default, displays a “Home” page whenever you are not on the “Home” page. The simplest solution is to use a “Custom Menu” which allows for more control over how your menu will display.

  • INTJ says:

    Hello there, I like so many others love this template but am having a little difficulty with just one thing – I want to change the text name of my site to a logo, (the title to the right of the iphone in the header) but don’t know how to do it. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks INTJ.

    • @INTJ – Two things in regards to what you are asking … 1) When making changes to a theme it is much better to create a Child-Theme and then apply your changes as when the next update to the theme is applied all of your changes will likely be over-written; 2) The CC license can be better applied within the Child-Theme in it’s functions.php template (which you will need to create as well).

      Now to your question: look in ‘header.php’ and replace the code in the ‘logo’ block with your image code … again this is best done using a Child-Theme. Also, always make back-ups before modifying anything.

  • Pat says:

    Hi Edward

    I love this theme as it reflects the core of my business. One problem I’m facing is I’d like to upload an author image and have used a number of plugins but with no success. My photo has been uploaded to the admin area but I can’t seem to get it onto the site.

    Could you agive me some help here.

    Many thanks


  • Pat says:

    Sorry Edward, to achieve upload of an image I’m trying to add an author sidebar widget but with no success.

    If you could advise I’d be greatful.



  • Hello Edward,

    First of all my compliments on the them, it is awesome.

    I do have a question. What is the use of the link >>Page Link<<? It shows the wp link and brings you back to where you were in the first place. There is probably something nifty one can do with it but I couldn't find any use for it nor any documentation (I might have searched in the wrong place).

    Could you shine some light on this matter for me?

    • @Kees – Thank you for the compliments and the feedback, both are greatly appreciated.

      The “Page Link” is basically that, although I probably could have used better verbiage to make its usefulness more obvious. The essential use, or at least the reason why I chose to implement it, is to allow readers to use it for referencing back to the page.

      The link uses the_shortlink which creates a short URL to use rather than the standard permalink version found in the browser address bar.

      I’ll make a note to review the anchor text as well as include additional information in the theme’s ‘readme.txt’ file.

      • Hello Edward,

        Thank you for your swift reply. I am not sure if I understand what you wrote. My ‘about’ page shows as browser address. I see the short url in the status bar when I hover over the link, but when I click on it, it doesn’t change the browser address.

        It is not really important, I’m just a bit confused. Is there a way to remove the >>Page Link<< all together?

        • @Kees – It seems you are understanding what I wrote correctly. If you right-click (on a PC) then copy the link you can share the shortlink versus the longer site permalink you are seeing in the address bar. If you wish to remove this altogether you can edit the code found at the bottom of the ‘desk-mess-mirrored.php’ loop template; or change the CSS element on line 491 in ‘style.css’ from `float:right;` to `display:none;`.

          Keep track of the edit, if you make it, or look into creating a Child-Theme so your edits will be preserved when the next update is released.

  • @Edward,

    Thanks for your help. The ‘problem’ is solved. I put
    .page-shortlink { display: none; }
    in style.css of Multi and it works like a charm now.


  • Charles says:

    Hi I love the theme, I’m looking to implement it as a website without comments. I was interested to know if it is possible to remove the comment functionality and comments quote image.

    I will be highly grateful for any feedback

    • @Charles – You may be best to simply adjust the Settings | Discussion > Default article settings et al. to turn off comments on your installation. You may need to go back and turn off individual posts and pages that have already been posted. If you wish to make the change by modifying the code (not recommended) then simply look for and remove (or comment out) the calls to `comments_template` in “the_Loop” template files (they start with ‘desk-mess-mirrored-‘).

  • Hello Edward,

    I came across something else. When I create a new page and I use bullets, they don’t show up. I do see the … tags in the HTML view but no bullets on the page. The ordered list does work. I have been searching in style.css for some display:none but I only found that in the nav section.

    Any idea what I can do, or where I went wrong?


  • I am sorry that I have to bother you again. I do have the following issue:
    There are 3 asterisks under the “Leave a reply’ and I would like them to be red. (OK, I am a nitpicker, I admit it). I managed to turn the ones behind ‘Name’ and ‘Email’ red by putting this code in style.css of Multi:

    p.comment-form-author span.required {
    padding: 0 10px 0 12px;
    color: #d21600;

    p.comment-form-email span.required {
    padding: 0 10px 0 15px;
    color: #d21600;

    But I couldn’t find a way to let the 1st one show up red (the one behind ‘marked’) I saw in the source code that it is surrounded by the *, so I put

    color: #d21600;

    in the style.css but that didn’t do the trick. My knowledge of css is limited so I am lost here. Is there a simple way to do what I want? If not, no problem. It’s not the most important thing.


  • Vicki says:

    I LOVE this theme – However, I would really like to have the main area wider and the sidebar more narrow – Is there anyway to do this?

  • Hannu Ronni says:

    Hi, Edward!
    You theme works fine in my web-site.
    There is one thing where I need Your’s help.
    I want to put read more -tag to static page, because there will be lot of articles in near future, and I want to cut atticles to short teaser with read more-link.
    I hope You understand what I mean.
    So I find solution, but I cant handle php.language, so I don’t know where to put this code:

    How to use Read More in Pages

    Please remember that the “Read More” tag is used only on the Home page which shows the latest posts. It does not work in “Pages”. If you want to turn it on in Pages too for showing a set of partial posts, use the following code inside the loop for the dynamic content:

    global $more;
    $more = 0;
    //The code must be inserted ahead of the call to the content
    <?php the_content('Continue Reading'); ?>

    I hope You have time

  • Boris says:

    I have version 1.9.1 and my sidebar doesn’t show up on the right but on the bottom left (under the page). How can I change this?

  • Steve says:

    I don’t see anyplace in the source code to edit the footer.

  • lavon says:

    I’m very new to WordPress as well. I was wondering if there is a way to get rid of this section on my website. The ‘Leave a Reply’ icon and all of this at the bottom of the page.
    I really love this theme, and think it fits my business wonderfully, however, I do not need/want the “Leave a Reply” on there.
    Also, I do not want there to be an option to Leave a comment (the little sticky note with pushpin that has the number of comments on it) Is there a way to get rid of that as well?

  • Hi,

    the theme is used on however can not seem to get the metadata showing which shows up the follow as a meta description whilst sharing:

    function alo_em_pubblic_form ()
    //edit : added all this for
    var alo_cf_array = new Array();
    document.alo_easymail_widget_form.submit.disabled = true;
    document.getElementById('alo_em_widget_loading').style.display = "inline";
    document.getElementById('alo_easymail_widget_feedback').innerHTML = "";

    var alo_em_sack = new sack("; );

    The point is that there is not meta title or description.

    Please advise


    • @Azzam – The code you are quoting is not part of the theme and you are currently using an older version than the current. Before I would be able to consider any suggestions to address your issue I must advise I only support current versions of my themes … and I generally do not offer free support for code that is not part of the current theme in question. Otherwise, you have made some interesting edits to the theme header and background that look very nice. Well Done!

  • Thanks for the rapid response Edward.
    Unfortunately I did not work on the site and speaking on behalf of the site owner and she just realised that it is an older version and the first thing I advised was the upgrade and not feasible due to the customisation on the site 🙁
    I thought you may have a quick fix to the problem on first glance.
    I have suggested Yoast SEO plugin that should be able to inject the metadata.
    I will ask her if she wants to pay for a fix via your services.

  • David Jeanneret says:

    Hi there,

    I too love the theme. I’ve been using it on a bbPress powered forum site.

    Version 1.9 worked, Version 2.0.2 doesn’t display the forums list or author details pages correctly.
    Here’s it working on v1.9 of Desk Mess Mirrored:

    Here’s it not working on almost identical site but with v2.02 of your theme:

    Any clues would be vastly apprecited!



    • @David – I’m very happy you like the Desk Mess Mirrored theme, but I was not aware of this issue with bbPress as I do not use it (ever), nor does the theme officially support its use. I will however make note of it and see if there is anything obvious that may be causing this to occur as the menu system had an almost complete over-haul at version 2.0.

      Thank you for the feedback; I would suggest going forward with the method being used on the second example site for the time being.

      • David Jeanneret says:

        Hi Edward
        Thanks for the reply. I think I’m going to move forward using a version of the theme that works (currently I know that to be 1.9) and then keep checking when you release new versions to see if you’ve worked hard on (or fluked upon) a solution!
        If you want to email me zips of all the versions between 1.9 and current, then I’ll test each until it breaks – might help you if you’re gonna trouble shoot it.

        As an aside, I’ve actually child themed your theme (primarily to loose a bit of the space at the top and add something to functions.php) hope you’re happy with my change to the footer.

        • @David – Thank you for the offer of helping with troubleshooting this issue. If you look in the Theme’s ‘readme.txt’ file at the very end is a list of the Theme’s “Trac” tickets … it just so happens the most current version lists the links to these Trac tickets.

          Each ticket links to a “zip” file for it’s related version.

  • Daniel says:

    I love the theme! It is perfect for my audience.

    One thing that I can’t seem to get to work is the “view more from [the author]” link at the bottom of a post. When I click the author I arrive at a 404 error page (within the theme). I did some research in the WP forums, and the theme’s hierarchy looks fine (even has the author.php file). The author.php file looks a lot like the author.php code in the WP forums…yet it doesn’t work. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    • @Daniel – Thank you for the compliment. I can see what the issue is, although I do not see right off why it occurred. The issue has to do with your author name having a space between the first and last names. WordPress itself is trying to reach the author page for “Daniel” not “Daniel Carlson” and since it is not finding a “Daniel” author page a 404, or page not found, is being returned. I do not see this as directly theme related. Do you see this issue if you use the default Twenty Ten or Twenty Eleven themes?

      PS: I just tested creating a new user name that has a first and last name (without a space) and was not able to re-create your issue; by default the most recent version of WordPress added a hyphen between the two names allowing it to better handle user names with two (or more) names/words.

      • Daniel says:

        I was actually able to modify the author-template.php file, line 238, so that it takes the space out of the Author, but it’s still not pulling up the author’s bio (which there is one; a widget I’m using displays the bio).

        • @Daniel – In your reference to line 238 you must be referring to editing another theme as the ‘author.php’ template used in Desk Mess Mirrored is not that many lines.

          This edit also appears to have affected your author name in all instances as there is no longer a space in the author URL.

  • Daniel says:

    In the 2011 Theme the space between first and last name is removed in the link. so somewhere in the code str_replace is being used in Theme 2011.

    • @Daniel – Although I have not reviewed the code for Twenty Eleven, I can see that it is quite possible that particular PHP function may be used to remove a space, but I have also noticed modifications to the Desk Mess Mirrored theme have been made.

      As edits have been made, I may not be able to offer any suggestions as to what options are available for you to now correct this issue.

  • Daniel says:

    I edited the file in wp-includes/ folder called author-template.php, line 238. I have just returned it to how it was before my edit, if that will help you.

    • @Daniel – You should never edit any core WordPress files (it is an extremely rare occasion where I would even consider editing a theme’s core files). Unfortunately I still do not see an immediate solution to this issue, can you provide me with a direct link to your author page? It may or may not help, but I am unable to discern one from what I expect given the information I can currently see on your website.

  • Daniel says:

    ALL Fixed!! I added a plugin which enabled me to edit the author slug (I added the “-” between first and last name) and it fixed the problem completely. I could have done that in the database as well, but it’s easier this way, especially if I get more authors to use the site.

  • Daniel says:

    By the way, the plugin I added is called “Edit Author Slug” and adds the author slug editable field to the User’s profile edit screen.

  • Chris says:

    I’m looking to change the items on the desk. When I uploaded the images to a child theme (or even overrode them in the parent theme images folder) The item is completely removed from the desk. Neither the new image or the old image appear. Any ideas?

  • Lisa says:

    I hate to ask this because I know this question is so basic, but I’m certainly not as computer literate as all of you. But I love this theme and want it to appear on my WordPress blog, but I don’t know how? I have downloaded the zip file but when I go to ‘appearance’ and ‘themes’ on WordPress, Desk Mess isn’t showing up as a choice. Help?

    • @Lisa – Thank you very much for the compliment, but it appears you are hosting your website via WordPress-dot-com; and although this request does come up from time to time, it is out of my hands to add Desk Mess Mirrored to the themes that are offered by for use on their hosted web sites (such as yours). Please feel free to ask the WordPress-dot-com support team if it can be added; or, if you choose to use a hosting service other than WordPress’ then you would be able to add it to your site.

  • DeBora King says:

    Is there a way to remove the ‘talking quote’ from every page except the Blog?

  • DeBora King says:

    Is there a way to remove the >>Page Link<< at the bottom of every page?

    • @DeBora – The >>Page Link<< is coded into the Parent-Theme (Desk Mess Mirrored) desk-mess-mirrored.php main loop template file. Look at, or near lines 64-66 ... copy this file to your Child-Theme folder on your server and then edit those lines as necessary. Remember to make back-ups before editing.

  • Thanks, let me know if you figure it out

  • Rayven says:

    Hi! I’m a total noob to this wordpress stuff. LOL So forgive me with this basic question! My friend’s blog uses your theme which she so loves! We have the older version though and should get her wordpress version updated as well as your theme. Its been customized though so it gives us a warning that we’ll lose customization. I’m not entirely sure how it’ll affect her blog. Is there a way you could pop over to glance at it and see what we will lose if we update? I’m afraid to update her and what I should do. her site is
    I’m worried I’ll need to redo all the pages or posts, but I have no idea if thats the case and what I should do in preparation before updating… (again apologies for my ineptitude)

    • @Rayven – I’m not seeing anything that jumps out and says this is going to break. I would not expect to see any significant issues with updating the theme … and I do not see what “customization” has been made. Any plugins/widgets you are using should not have any issues with the theme (I know of no current conflicts). I would not even expect there to be any issues with updating the WordPress version to the latest either. Your posts and pages should also be fine, their content is not tied to the theme … just their look and feel.

      If you are still concerned, there are many back-up plugins / services you can use just in case to preserve the content of the site.

      • rayven says:

        Thanks Edward! Ya, I don’t think there was much customization, but I guess I wasn’t sure what exactly that meant originally… (as if creating tabs, adding plugins, or turning off stuff like the calendar etc would be considered customization or if it was something more like going into the code and totally revamping it somehow).

        I attempted to back up the site so fingers crossed when I update everything this weekend that it all is smooth sailing. 🙂

        Do you have any recommendations for a plugin for a good photo gallery I could use? (If not, seriously no biggie!) I’m trying to find a way to have multiple albums on her site somehow, like the old iWeb/mobile me photo galleries.

        Anyway, thank you SO SO MUCH for your reply. It’s always lovely to find an independent template/content creator who actually cares and helps people with their work. It is so so much appreciated. :)) And Gail gets so many compliments on this theme. 🙂

  • Carlos Calvo says:


    Thank you for this theme.

    I write you because I found a little problem with translations and was traying to translate this theme to spanish, but I can’t. I resolve that changing the call to load_theme_textdomain this way load_theme_textdomain( ‘desk-mess-mirrored’, get_template_directory() . ‘/languages’ ) it didn’t work for me using get_template_directory_uri()

    I hope it could be interesting for you

  • Greetings! I did some updates to wordpress (version, theme, etc.) and now it seems the background that should be behind the text entry is missing. Looking at your blog here, it’s “main-page-middle.png” and that file is still in place. I did not make any changes to the code or the files but, it seems to not be working. No idea why.


  • Laura says:

    Hi Edward,
    I ran the update today and now the footer is appearing at the top of my page. Can you check and see if something happened?


  • Barb says:

    Hi – I have a need to add links to sponsors or advertisers. I would like these to be different on each page. How do I do this?


    • @Barb – Where do you want to put the links? What are you referring to when you write “each page”? Generally, you will most likely need to have some additional code written for the theme (read: create a Child-Theme and modify the theme templates), or you may be able to implement a plugin that will sort this out. A lot depends on the placement of the ads and which “pages” you are referring to.

  • Jamie says:

    Hi Edward,
    I Love your theme so much!

    Im having one Issue with tables however. Basically whenever I create a table, all of the columns become collapsed together. This makes each row of data appear like one big string. Is there a fix for this?

    • @Jamie – Thank you! As to the table issue, most can be “corrected” through additional CSS and/or table properties, especially if you are manually writing the HTML. I would suggest either creating a Child-Theme to add the additional CSS; or, using a plugin such as my BNS Add Style to add a custom stylesheet to the active theme folder. The table properties method will only work for the table they are applied to, the CSS (usually) will affect all tables used on the site in the theme.

  • Michael says:

    Hi Edward – Hopefully you won’t find another compliment tiresome, but I love this theme. Great job! I’m most definitely in the “newbie” category. My name in the blog header contains 14 letters, plus the space in between, making it look very crowded in the available space. Is there a way to separate my first and last names into two lines (preferred)? Or is there a way to shrink the font a bit? I notice that for some reason the crowding is not as bad on the iPad as it is in Safari on my Mac. so that makes it a bit more complicated.

    Second newbie issue: I want a simple photo of me on the top of the sidebar. I have tried the Gravatar plugin (for some reason it insists on displaying my user name below the photo). I noticed your comment in this forum for BNS Corner, but that has my picture in places other than lined up in the side bar. I just want to take an image from my computer, and have that show up at the top of the side bar.


    • @Michael – Thank you for the compliment and for choosing Desk Mess Mirrored as your theme. Interestingly enough, depending on the browser you are viewing your site with will affect the look of your site’s title (in this case your name). You could try putting your first name in the Title (or first name and middle initial) and your last name in the site’s tagline (it will appear below your first name). Otherwise you can look into the CSS of the site and try some adjustments there. I would suggest creating a Child-Theme or making use of my plugin BNS Add Style to create a “safe” stylesheet to use for these adjustments.

      As to the second issue with your picture at the top of the side bar, I would likely still suggest BNS Corner Logo (if the image is your Gravatar simply check that option, then set the dimension accordingly … about 248px should be about right). Otherwise, there are other plugin options or (Child-Theme) customizations that could be considered.

      • Michael says:

        Thank you! I have solved (after much agony) the picture issue, but grabbing the Jetpack image widget and pulling a picture from Dropbox. That seems to work.

        In reading this support forum, clearly I need to tackle the parent-child thing, although it looks complicated (to a newbie). Any “parent-child instructions for dummies” would be appreciated.

        Is there are place where I can view others who have used this theme, to see how they have used it? I feel like I’m part of a community now.

        Well done. Very clever theme.

  • Mary says:

    How can i make tags visible just in article?!
    I don`t want to have those visible in the homepage.
    I’ve tried to modify in desk-mess-mirrored.php but doesn’t work with last version of DMM.
    Can you give me a solution for this?

    [edited to remove blank code entry – EAC]

    • @Mary – The code example you included in your comment did not display …
      … now, provided I understand your request, you would be looking at changing the following line in each of the ‘desk-mess-mirrored’ loop templates:

      <p class="single-meta"><?php the_tags(); ?></p>

      … to something along the following:

      <p class="single-meta"><?php if ( ! ( is_home() || is_front_page() ) ) { the_tags(); } ?></p>

      I would strongly recommend you do this in a Child-Theme as well.

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