The current version of Shades submitted to is 2.0

The latest working version can be found on GitHub.
*WARNING: The GitHub version may be a “work-in-progress”, please make back-ups of your current theme before using. Please be aware you are using a GitHub version at your own risk!*

A simple clean theme framework to work from, designed ideally for light colored backgrounds and easily adapted to darker layouts. Now with Threaded Comments and sticky post support!Please read the included changelog.txt file for the latest change details. The child theme Shades of Darkness is no longer included but is available for download at the theme homepage.

Big Screenshot of Shades

Big Screenshot of Shades

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=== Shades ===
Changelog as of December 7, 2012
== Version 2.0 ==
= CODE =
* Change conditional to show “Threaded Comments” if they are open of closed.
* Refactored conditional checks for “author credits with copyright details”
* Removed deprecated call to `get_theme_data`

= CSS =
* Added classes to inline glyph span styles and moved to style.css
* Added ‘editor-style.css’ file

= Miscellaneous =
* General code clean-up (typos, etc.)

= Current Internet Browsers Reviewed =
* Apple Safari
* Firefox
* Google Chrome
* Internet Explorer
* Opera

/** ————————————————————————- */
== Version 1.9 ==
= CODE =
* Added ‘image.php’ template
* Added “custom background” support
* Enqueue threaded comments script in ‘functions.php’
* Update usage of `wp_title`

= Miscellaneous =
* With the addition of the custom background support, the theme now requires WordPress 3.4 to work correctly

/** ————————————————————————- */
== Version 1.8 ==
= CODE =
* Added doc blocks and improved overall code quality and structure
* Added link to modified author’s post archive
* Added conditionals to only show website URL (with email) if the address is found in the user profile; and only show biography if it exists on ‘author.php’ output
* Addressed call to deprecated function `get_userdatabylogin`
* Addressed calls to deprecated function `get_theme_data`
* Addressed call to deprecated function `add_custom_background`
* Renamed `bns_dynamic_copyright` to `shades_dynamic_copyright`
* Renamed `bns_theme_version` to `shades_theme_version`
* Replaced navigation with call to `get_template_part( ‘shades-navigation’ )`
* Replaced output if no posts are returned by the_Loop with a call to get_template_part( ‘shades-no-posts’ )

= CSS =
* Added “commenter classes” as defined in ‘author.php’
* Added ‘no-title’ class to post classes if `get_the_title` is empty
* Added ‘widget_tag_cloud’ element
* Adjusted ‘sticky’ post related styles
* Adjusted `gallery` `max-width` for better aesthetics

= Miscellaneous =
* Adoption of a ‘markdown’ / ‘phpdoc’ style in the changelog (this file)
* Added Review Ticket section to ‘readme.txt’

/** ————————————————————————- */


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