We have recently uploaded another update to our Desk Mess Mirrored theme (see Changelog below) that has addressed a few issues; and, added some additional functionality. The current version as of this writing is 1.0.4.

- Changelog:
-- Version 1.0.5
  - Corrected RSS feed URL in single.php (correction as noted by Bill Girimonti pipeline_intl@orcon.net.nz - Thank You!)
  - Added comment <code> styles
  - Added author template page
  - Author posts displayed with "Mullet Loop" as inspired by http://perishablepress.com/
  - Added link to author page in single.php at end of post
  - Added styles for author related items

We hope to see this live at WordPress.org very soon.

Once again, thank you for your time and patience with us and this theme. We hope it is being enjoyed as much as we enjoy continuing with improvements.

Desk Mess Mirrored version 1.0.5 is now live (Jun 9, 2009) at WordPress.org!