Desk Mess Mirrored version 1.0.8 has just been uploaded for approval at, the following is its changelog:

-- Version 1.0.8
  - the name of the theme in the credits line (footer) is now displayed programmatically from the (parent) stylesheet "Theme Name" details
  - added more internationalization (I18n) code specified at this page:
  - summarized h1-h6 style elements; and, added h4, h5, h6 styles
  - style element "#menu li" and "#content" amended to handle long page names; corrections for menu overflow on longer names
  - added "overflow:hidden" to #bottom as suggested by Florin Arjuco ( -> with many thanks for other inputs as well

This update fairly completes my active major edits on this theme. I have greatly enjoyed seeing the theme being used at numerous blogs and hope to continue to see its use and adaptations. I will also keep note of any issues I see that appear to be theme related and make corrections as needed.

Please feel free to make comments regarding issues, problems, or compliments?!

(NB: Desk Mess Mirrored version 1.0.8 is live as of Jul 7, 2009.)