With the recent update of the free WordPress theme Shades to version 1.0.3 and the changes to streamline the code in the header file it became apparent that there were extra files now found in the theme.  The home.php file and the header-home.php files were easily replaced by approximately three lines of code in the new header.php file.

This allowed me to make the decision to deprecate these files; and, remove them entirely at version 1.0.4 as now planned.  Unfortunately with the automatic update using the new WordPress dashboard functionality or with a download/upload of a fresh copy of the theme, the original home.php and header-home.php files will stay intact and functional!

This realization put into action a quick update to version 1.0.3 of the Shades theme with a simple overwrite of the home.php file with the contents of the index.php file; and, a similar overwrite of the header-home.php file with the contents of the new and improved header.php file.

As a further note, the significant differences in the header.php file are: better natural titles in the browser title bar; and, cleaner code to display the menu.  Simply put, the menu displayed is based on which page is being served: the home/front page of the blog; or, another page of the blog.

This upgrade is only minor maintenance, but still strongly recommended.

(NB: Due to an unforseen issue with extra new lines in the version package, a new version was made and uploaded.  It also went live Jul 15, 2009!)