The latest version (1.0.3) of our free WordPress theme Shades has been uploaded for approval.  We hope to see it go alive very soon.

The following is Shades version 1.0.3 changelog (included with the theme):

-- Version 1.0.3
  - deprecated the header-home.php and home.php files by adding a tilde (~) character to the beginning of the file name. The functionality was merged into the index.php file with additonal PHP code, specifically an IF statement to test for the displayed page being the "home page", or the "front page". This will reduce maintenance and potential errors that cropped up due to the extra files.
  -- copies of header-come.php and home.php from version 1.0.2 are still included but will be removed in 1.0.4
  - re-coded footer to programmatically write the theme name in the credit line, including recognition of child themes.
  - added additional internationalization code
  - CSS: minor adjustment to ".search-submit" for alignment purposes
  - CSS: changed "pre" element's "width:570px;" to "width:auto;"
  - CSS: added "overflow:hidden" to #bottom
  - CSS: removed 1px border from ".post code" elements to improve readability
  - CSS: add "clear: both" to .wp-caption to address larger images in posts

We have made a couple of significant changes that will be implemented in all of our themes with their next releases. Look for Desk Mess Mirrored version 1.0.9 to be released later this month.

(NB: Shades version 1.0.3 is not live as of Jul 14, 2009.)