I have just uploaded the most recent version of our free WordPress theme Ground Floor for review at the WordPress Extend theme repository. Yes! It is a major jump in version numbers from our usual much smaller incremental changes … and with good reason. Here is the changelog for Ground Floor version 1.1:

= Version 1.1 =
  - re-work of the footer widget area into three (3) defined areas
  -- removed the <table> structures
  -- added BNS-Login plugin functionality to Middle Footer Widget as default.
  - improved IE6 compatibility
  - CSS: hr element -> edited properties: 'border: 1px solid black;' and 'background: #673000;'
  - CSS (new): added BNS Plugins section at end of style.css

The footer.php file was almost completely rewritten to remove the use of tables, which was only a stop-gap to begin with. We chose to add the full functionality of our free WordPress plugin BNS-Login version 1.2 as well into this theme.

(NB: Ground Floor version 1.1 is live as of Aug 24, 2009)