I have been reading in several places of late various discussions of how theme development may be going forward. Either stay the course, or a new method of submission and approval are the essential points being written about. One of the possible new methods is to follow a similar path as plugin development and implementation; or, in other words, using the SVN repository.

This made me think, “I have no idea how to do that” … Google, codex … ok … it’s starting to sink in. More Google, more codex …

I already had an account under Extend for plugins so I decided to write one. Something simple. I wanted to understand the process of submitting via svn; and, to put a long standing idea to code.

The idea: make a plugin that provided a simple log in method and a link to the dashboard so I would not have to manually edit the theme, almost every theme for that matter, and I did not want to use the meta widget either. Now we have BNS-Login. BNS for BuyNowShop, and Login for the essential function of the plugin.