I submitted the Ground Floor theme to WordPress.org just a short while ago. I also updated the themes page with the screenshot and theme description as they are included with the package. Here they are again:
Ground Floor
… and the description as it appears in the stylesheet:

Richly toned wood floor background with bare-earth colored widgetized sidebar and footer (six widget areas in total, as shown on the included widget map). A strong theme to begin with; grow into; and, build on.

This theme offered several learning experiences ranging from: implementing threaded comments; furthering my understanding of internationalization coding; and, additional PHP coding techniques and concepts. Just like starting on the “ground floor”, this theme has given me a great sense of personal accomplishment. I hope it will be enjoyed and used by many people around the world.

(NB: Ground Floor version 1.0.3 is live as of Aug 12, 2009)