The new free WordPress theme Pinup Meets Grunge was just uploaded to on Aug 30, 2009. Here is the description as taken from the style.css file:

A pretty pin-up girl posing in the header highlights this grunge based theme and beautifully blends the user option enabled background colors. The built-in user option to change the background color gives you the creative oppurtunity to truly make this theme your own. Do not be scared off by the dark look, try installing your own copy and play with the color changing option for yourself. If you’re not a fan of pinup girls feel free to drop us a note and we can discuss additional options.

… and here are some screenshots to show just a few color variations that can be created with the theme options:

Pinup Meets Grunge Pink screenshot Pinup Meets Grunge Black (default) screenshot Pinup Meets Grunge Red screenshot Pinup Meets Grunge Purple screenshot Pinup Meets Grunge Green screenshot Pinup Meets Grunge Blue screenshot

Credits for the graphics go to my lovely and talented wife, Terri Caissie, my muse. This theme was inspired by one of her recently completed project.

(NB: Pinup Meets Grunge version 1.0.2 is now live at as of Aug 31, 2009.)