Once again we jumped in our version numbers, this time from Shades version to Shades version 1.1; and, once again it was due to big changes in the theme. Here is the changelog for version 1.1 as it was just uploaded to WordPress.org:

-- Version 1.1
  - update search box; added simple scripting
  - added "Edit" link to page.php template
  - re-coded searchform.php
  - edited sidebar.php to use new searchform.php
  - CSS (edit): input:focus, textarea:focus -> changed 'padding-bottom: 30px' to 'padding: 1px 0;' 
  - CSS (new): input#s { width: 70%; }
  - CSS (new): .textwidget form {text-align:center;}
  - CSS (new): added BNS Plugins section at end of style.css
  * child theme Shades of Darkness updated to version 1.0.1

NB: As of version 1.1 the following deprecated files have been removed from the theme core files:
  * home.php
  * header-home.php

I would like to mention the removal of the home.php and header-home.php files will have absolutely no effect on the current version of the Shades theme as they make absolutely no use of them. The original menu code utilized these files but since then I have optimized the code and no longer need the extra files. Although not necessary, those long time users of the Shades theme can feel free to delete the theme and re-install with a completely fresh current copy to remove the deprecated files; or, FTP to your blog and remove the files manually.

I would also like to point out that a minor update to the Shades child theme, Shades of Darkness, has also been made. It’s changelog is as follows:

== Changelog == 
as of Aug 14, 2009
= Version 1.01 =
* CSS (new): #header-center p { color:#635537; } to show blog description
= Version 1.0 =
* Initial release

We hope you enjoy both of these updates!