My husband works hard on his themes and usually the graphics as well, but this time I did the graphics for a theme…Pinup Meets Grunge. In less than 1 month (22 days to be exact), Pinup Meets Grunge was downloaded 1100 times off of the themes directory. Today an email comes…Pinup Meets Grunge has been suspended…why…because they received “an email complaining that the theme ran against the no adult/mature themes rule for the directory.” To me “an email” means 1…hmmm…1 vs. 1100 downloads, that just doesn’t add up. themes_download

 I’m a 50 year old mother of 2 with 1 grandchild, I like art, I especially like 40’s and 50’s Pinup art, Nose-art of the old fighter planes. I like swing and Jazz, the shoes and hairstyles of that era. So why was my theme suspended. Can we say small minds? It’s 2009…get with the plan, there was nothing wrong with my theme, approved it and then less than 1 month later they said “while it isn’t obvious and over the top adult/mature (like a theme with pornography in it), I do think it’s fairly suggestive and trying to push where the line is for adult/mature in the theme directory.” I guess they wouldn’t know art if it jumped up and bit them in the…So I guess if someone were to make a theme honoring the art of that era or the nose-art fighter planes of that era, it will not get accepted. Or how about honoring the Miss America, Miss Universe pageants? Oh and lets not even think about making a theme for the swimming competitions/synchronized swimming or even the gymnastics of the Olympic games…because the way they dress it might be adult/mature…give me a break.

Powers that be at answer me this? Where are the rules for the “adult/mature themes rule for the directory”. I have been all over your site, using this search word and that search word and I can’t find anything relating to the types of graphics you can use in a theme. Once again, you approved the theme and then you get 1 email and suspend it…where does the censorship or should I say favoritism end?, shame on you for taking a piece of art and turning it into something dirty…shame on you!

For those of you who would still like to download Pinup Meets Grunge, you may do so here at our site. [Download not found]

So you see, my theme is not dead, it just moved to a better address. 😉