Desk Mess Mirrored version 1.4.1 has just been uploaded to just before the theme reaches it’s 10,000th download.

The item of note in this minor update is the addition of sticky post support. It was just a bit of code and some CSS. A comment was made asking if it was available, now it is!

Here is the changelog:

Changelog (as of Sep 25, 2009)

-- Version 1.4.1
	- minor code clean-up and formatting for easier reading
	- changes to template files (index, archive, author, category, page, single): post="class" to post_class() function
	- CSS (new): added 'sticky' elements
	- CSS (edit): comment-body -> added 'padding-right: 10px;'
	- CSS (edit): uncommented class 'user-id-2' style properties

(NB: Desk Mess Mirrored version 1.4.1 is live on as of Sept 28, 2009.)