A minor update was recently implemented in all of our themes; one that fixes the issue with fopen() errors in the footer. The code that causes these errors is identical in all our themes. This issue has been corrected and can be found in the following theme versions:

The code in the footer is a check if the theme being used is a child theme. If it is a child theme: the code will display the child theme name with its version; and, the parent theme name with its version. The functions previously being used were incorrect.

If you are experiencing errors in the footer starting with text similar to:


… then these latest versions of the themes will likely correct this issue. If you are not experiencing these footer issues the update will still have its benefits as noted in the changelog posted on each theme’s individual page.

(NB: The latest versions of Ground Floor and Pinup Meets Grunge are now live at WordPress.org as of Sep 8, 2009.)