I have just uploaded the most recent version (1.1.1) of the free WordPress theme Shades to WordPress.org.  This update address a few minor issues and one of that is more significant. The file() function error that occurs under certain server configurations.  This is not a “bad” configuration, just one I am currently unable to test for prior to releasing a theme or update. The new “code” should eliminate these errors.

Here is the most recent changelog for Shades:

Changelog as of Sep 6, 2009:

-- Version 1.1.1
  - CSS (edit): .widget h2 -> removed 'padding: 22px 0 0;'
  - CSS (edit): .widget -> removed 'margin-top:10px;' and 'margin-bottom:20px;'
  - re-coded footer.php to correct for issues with fopen() errors

(NB: Shades version 1.1.1 is now live at WordPress.org as of Sep 8, 2009.)