I often frequent the WordPress.org Support forums to offer help where I can.

Last week I came across a post title that caught my eye: How to tweak plugin to show on posts only, not pages too?

I decided to have a read and see if there was something I could help with. The question at hand was in regards to a very nice little GPL licensed plugin by Snowball Factory, Inc. called “Facebook Sharecount

The solution to the question seemed like it should be straight forward and I placed it into the Five-Minute-Fix services queue. OK, it was about 15 minutes. That was fine. I left another reply stating I had created a “fix”.

A week passed and then this thread came up on the WordPress Support forums: How do I get a plugin to only display on my blog (not every page)?

Thinking this sounded very familiar I replied and left a link to the original post from the week before. More or less at the same time I also received an email from another interested person directly inquiring about the “fix” I mentioned above.

As I had not heard from the original poster from the week before I removed the plugin from our test server and deleted the files, fortunately Five-Minute-Fix items are generally very easy to re-create.

Here is the modified file freely available for download: [Download not found]
I have added a small bit of notation showing the modifications made by BNS. All credit and the bulk of the work still goes to the original author(s) at Snowball Factory, Inc.