Although this theme is not really new, as far as it will appear in the WordPress Extend Themes repository it will be. Essentially NoNa is the No Nadia child theme of Pinup Meets Grunge but with all of the template files included. We will still support the No Nadia child theme but its development will end with the release of NoNa.

Here is the description from the style.css file:

Missing the pretty pin-up girl posing in the header, this grunge based theme originally known as Pinup Meets Grunge beautifully blends user option enabled background colors. This built-in option gives you the creative opportunity to truly make this theme your own. Do not be scared off by the dark look, try installing your own copy and playing with the background color changing option yourself. Remember, if you are not a fan of “blank” headers feel free to drop us a note and we can discuss additional options.

NoNa Screenshot

As much as I would like to see Pinup Meets Grunge “live” at again I do not expect it will happen, at least not without the community supporting its return.

Feel free to write with your recommendation to have the status of [Download not found] changed from suspended back to live.
Thank You!
(NB: NoNa version 1.0 is now live at as of Oct 5, 2009.)