I was just catching up on my twitter account (@JellyBeen) when I noticed this tweet:

RT @kwbridge: .RT @andrea_r: Remember to thank the wordpress forum volunteers, yo. http://bit.ly/8Scy2E

… it seemed interesting so I followed the link and was pleasantly surprised by the following paragraph:

Generally active volunteers, nominated by official moderators for recognition:
esmi, ClaytonJames, numeeja, stvwlf, buddhatrance, songdogtech, alism, alchymyth, Ipstenu, RVoodoo, jdingman, kmessinger, ArnoldGoodway, Shane G., figaro, jonimueller, blepoxp, cais, mfields, designdolphin, doc4, greenshady, mercime, mrmist, bh_WP_fan , henkholland, krembo99, jdembowski, pboosten, adiant, andrea_r, GDHosting, Gangleri.
A Little Support? by Jane Wells

A fine group of volunteers to be in company with. Thanks to all of them, and thanks to the Support Forum moderators for their recognition.