The latest update to the WordPress free theme Desk Mess Mirrored (version is now available at This was a minor maintenance release and more to update the Multi child theme to version 1.1 … and to finally add my theme signature <hr> graphic.

Here is the recent changelog:

Changelog (as of Nov 22, 2009)
-- Version
  - corrected child theme file structures

-- Version 1.4.3
  - Updated Multi child theme to use correct comments.php template for threaded/nested fucntionality.
  - CSS (new): added '.wp-caption.aligncenter {margin: 10px auto;}'
  - CSS (new): added 'sup' and 'sub' elements
  - added the signature HR image (finally) ... just use an 'hr' or 'desk-mess-mirrored' class

As noted in Version 1.4.3, the update corrected the comments.php template file used in the Multi child theme.