The latest version (1.3) of the free WordPress theme Shades has been uploaded to for review. Here is the latest changelog entry:

Changelog as of Nov 24, 2009:

-- Version 1.3
  - CSS (new): added "YUI Reset"
  - CSS (new): added '.page ol', '.page ul', and '.page li'
  - CSS (edit): removed #author 'width' property
  - CSS (edit): removed #comments-main 'width' property
  - CSS (edit): removed #comments-main code 'width' property
  - added comments to the page.php template file
  - added support for posts that have multiple pages
  - pt_BR language files added - thanks to Hábner Costa habnertc {at} msn {dot} com

I have added the required support for comments on pages and support for posts with multiple pages. I have also incorporated the language files Hábner Costa was kind enough to submit. If you have translated the Shades theme into our own language and would like it included in future versions please feel free to contact us with the appropriate details. Thank You!

Also, it would seem the automated process used during the upload of the theme has been improved to recognize missing functionality, even in previously approved themes. These features needed to be added, and it was a nice yellow box reminder to do so. Thanks to the good people with the WordPress Themes Team.

(NB: Shades version 1.3 is live at as of Nov 24, 2009.)