Yesterday was one of my more productive. I managed to strike a major item off my to-do list with the complete writing, submission, and go live of the free BNS Support plugin for WordPress.

The idea behind the plugin comes from my time at the WordPress Support forums and how often I have replied, or any number of other volunteers have replied, asking for a link to the blog in question that the issue at hand is being experienced on. Also, from time to time it is nice to know the theme and maybe the installed version of WordPress, too.

This lead me to put together a simple plugin that provides all this information, clearly labeled and easily copied and pasted in the body of the question being posted. This information, first and foremost, is only displayed if the user is logged in; and, by default, only logged in users that are administrators are able to see it.

I see this plugin as very useful, especially by WordPress support individuals and organizations.