First, I must extend a heart felt thanks to my readers and to those kind people that make use of my themes and plugins.

This particular update was taken from an idea presented by a comment made by Manu with this question:

Is there a way to open the forum in a new window instead of the same, when the links will be clicked?

Although I replied with what to edit in the plugin the idea struck me as something that should be an option. Other people using the plugin may have a use for this functionality but not want to delve into the code to make the edits required. Following is the changelog for version 1.3:

== Changelog ==
= 1.3 =
* removed unnecessary (commented out) code
* added option to open links in new window as suggested
* added new screenshot of option panel

… and the noted new look of the option panel:

BNS SMF Feeds Option Panel version 1.3