One of my all time favorite past-times is to play Chess. I enjoy the game on many levels from the artistry of the pieces to the elegance of their moves; the strategies of planning and the fruition of patience. I recently came across the web site and started playing online via their free services. There are many sites that offer similar services but this one caught my attention.

I also found they offered a badge you could place on your own web site or page. I liked the look and feel of the badge but also realized it was completely static. You would need to copy and paste the code every time your “rating” changed. I thought this could be made into a dynamic plugin for WordPress and went about contacting the good people who run

After several emails I was happy to be provided with an API that I incorporated into the plugin by one of the developers, “Matt”. Now, once the plugin is activated and the widget placed accordingly, all you have to do us enter your user name and the rest is dynamically maintained for you.

This plugin was quite quick to write. The turn-around time from blank page to publication in the WordPress Extend Plugins repository was less than 24 hours. You can find more information on the BNS Badge plugin page, or on the WordPress page here.

PS: If you would like to see the plugin live, just visit my personal domain at and look for Your Move?