Obviously there is a great deal of activity in the WordPress community with the release of version 3.0.

Theme designers and plugin developers have been very busy updating and improving their respective works, myself included. I made updates to a few of the BNS series of plugins … WP_DEBUG is your friend! Although I still have a small issue with a plugin I am currently reviewing. The plugin code works as it is expected to, but therein lies its issue. At this time it is of little significance, but I will likely need to rewrite a large part of the code to eliminate this last little issue.

Also, currently the Desk Mess Mirrored and Shades themes are in the theme review queue, which itself is undergoing some potentially significant changes.

Recently, Ian Stewart wrote a tweet calling out to individuals interested in helping out with the theme review process. Interestingly I was the first to respond. There are actually several qualified individuals that are now helping Joseph Scott sort through and review new and existing themes. This process unfortunately has added a noticeable delay in the process but the expectation is it will only be a temporary as the theme review process moves into the hands of more than one or two individuals; and, these new reviewers catch up on the learning curve.

I look at this as yet another way to contribute back to the community and so do several of the other theme reviewers. This is a work in progress and I look for it to be one of constant improvement as well; and, it has given me a whole new insight into the theme review process. It is a lot more involved than you would first imagine.