Although Desk Mess Mirrored is still one of my favorite works, I sometimes find myself at a bit of a creative loss when updating the theme. I review the entire theme to insure there are no deprecated function calls being made but I find I am running out of new feature ideas to add that “work” with the theme as it is now. Please note, the idea of three columns is not one I will be considering, in my opinion the third column would make the theme into something altogether different and in so doing take away from what makes Desk Mess Mirrored the great theme that it is.

This being the case I would like to open this post up for my readers and those great people who use the Desk Mess Mirrored theme to make suggestions and recommendations to be considered for future releases.

Since I use the theme myself, as I would imagine is quite obvious, and it has most everything I could ask of it; the question is: what would you ask of it?