Although I actually finished the minor updates to the Desk Mess Mirrored Theme yesterday and one of the other WordPress Theme Review Team members approved it for release into the WordPress Extend Themes repository I forgot to actually approve it in Extend itself.

To see the Approving into Extend click here.To hide the Approving into Extend click here.
The process of a theme being approved in Trac and then going live in the WordPress Extend Themes repository is still dependant on human actions to finalize. It’s just a click of a button but it still must be done. Perhaps one day it will reach a point when the entire process can be automated but at this time the consensus of the WordPress Theme Review Team is to maintain this final step as one required to be manually done. There are actually several people that have this access but it is generally managed by Simon Prosser and myself.

So without further ado here is the recent changelog for the theme:

Changelog as of March 6, 2011:
-- Version 1.8.3
- Mostly style changes to reflect the new Theme Unit Test data (abbr, acronym, address, lists in comments)
- updated author archive template to respect posts without titles

* Internet Browsers Reviewed *
* ========================== *
*                            *
* Apple Safari v5.0.3 (Mac)  *
* Apple Safari v5.0.3 (PC)   *
* Firefox v3.6.13 (Mac)      * 
* Firefox v3.6.15 (PC)       *
* Google Chrome v9.0         *
* Internet Explorer v8.0     *
* Opera v11.01               *
*                            *

-- Version 1.8.2
- released: see Version 1.8.3
- minor corrections
- minor CSS list related additions
- added 'dmm_' to the functions in comments.php
- additional plugin specific CSS (Twitter Tools, CommentLuv)
- added updated German translation provided by Jasper Golze (

Also to note the Multi Child-Theme has been updated to match the current version of Desk Mess Mirrored as well and will soon be available for direct download from the Theme’s main page here.