I recently updated the BNS Featured Category plugin to version 1.8.4 adding an interesting new option to show posts from the same category of the post being shown using the ‘single’ view template.

Unfortunately, while working from my laptop and using Filezilla in its default configuration, an over-sight on my part lead to an error in my process downloading the plugin files from my test server that left extra line-feeds after every line in both the main plugin file and the ‘readme’ file.

Thank you to my readers and end-users who pointed out this issue and I have corrected the problem both in version 1.8.4 and the newer version for those that have already updated to the former version.

If you are not able to update to version automatically you may need to remove the 1.8.4 version manually with an FTP client then re-install the latest version

My apologies for any inconveniences this may have created.