It seems I have been on a bit of a tear with updating recently. Although nothing very dramatic, all of the recent (and upcoming) updates are still useful; and, I suggest keeping up-to-date at your earliest convenience.

The first updates are for two long-standing plugins: BNS Featured Category; and, BNS Featured Tag. Versions 1.8.5 and 1.8.4 respectively are now readily available from the WordPress Extend Plugin repository. As both plugins are very similar, the updates to each are almost identical in nature. That being the case, I will just list the common changelog details. Please feel free to read the specifics after you update.

- released May 2011
- confirmed compatible with WordPress version 3.2
- addressed some minor items in the readme
- cleaned up some text strings in the code
- minor variable changes
- `load_*_widget()`, `*_first_words()`

Next on the updates list is my long time favorite Theme, Desk Mess Mirrored. Again, minor updates, especially since this is what I would call a mature theme. Most of the changes and modifications were directed at adding additional aesthetics via CSS, or at least allowing end-users to be able to further style elements of the Theme. Here is the changelog of recently go “live” version 1.8.5:

- released May 30, 2011
- add 'WordPress Required Version: 3.0' and 'Tested Up To: 3.2' - see
- added (temporary) Jetpack plugin CSS to resolve clearing issue; see
- modify `bns_dynamic_copyright` to include link to home page
- modify `bns_dynamic_copyright` and `bns_theme_version` to have unique `span` wrappers for styling
- adjust comment styles: `p`

There are many more updates (some minor, some not so much) to be addressed with all of my public Themes and Plugins. This will be my focus for the next little while, but please feel free to contact me if you need help with other items or issues WordPress related. I am often available to provide various WordPress Services.