Although I have been actively working on many different projects lately I still make sure to take the time to read and respond to feedback from end-users and clients alike, especially when there is general functionality to be gained by adopting their ideas and suggestions.

Born from the idea of Rey Junco, I have updated the `bns_dynamic_copyright` function to be more easily configured in Child-Themes; and, from Andy Fragen‘s suggestion I have re-worked the theme’s ‘setup’ function to also be more easily addressed with Child-Themes.

Here is the most recent Changelog entries:

Changelog as of June 19, 2011:
-- Version
- corrected readme.txt file FAQ re: `bns_dynamic_copyright`

-- Version 1.8.6
- released June 19, 2011
- tested compatible up to WordPress 3.2-RC1
- re-worked `bns_dynamic_copyright` to be more easily defined by the end-user
- re-worked `desk_mess_mirrored_setup` to add additional `if ( ! function_exists() )` checks
- re-worked `bns_theme_version` and `bns_modified_post` to better handle internationalization

* Internet Browsers Reviewed *
* ========================== *
*                            *
* Apple Safari v5.0.5 (Mac)  *
* Apple Safari v5.0.5 (PC)   *
* Firefox v4.0.1 (Mac)       *
* Firefox v4.0.1 (PC)        *
* Google Chrome v12.0        *
* Internet Explorer v9.0     *
* Opera v11.11               *
*                            *

-- Version 1.8.5
- added function_exists check for `dmm_get_page_number`, `bns_dynamic_copyright` and `bns_theme_version`
- added function_exists check for `bns_modified_post` (still not implemented fully in theme)

There are still a small number of items I will be addressing with the Theme but with these latest entries I believe many more people will be able to further enjoy and implement their own Child-Themes of Desk Mess Mirrored.

Also, as always, please feel free to leave a comment with your customization, suggestion, or idea … all are welcomed.

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NB: Don’t forget look at my plugins also found here on; each one has been recently improved and / or given added functionality. Enjoy! EAC.