I just released a new version of Desk Mess Mirrored. It needed a few corrections as shown via the latest Theme Unit Test data being used by the WordPress Theme Review Team. Coincidentally, WordPress version 3.2.1 was also released today so it is safe to say the most recent version of Desk Mess Mirrored has been tested with the most recent stable release of WordPress … and all is good!

Here is the recent changelog for those that want to have a read before installing and/or updating to the current version:

Changelog as of July 12, 2011:
-- Version 1.8.7
  - tested compatible up to WordPress 3.2.1
  - removed inline styles affecting `the_tags()` in index, single, category, author, and 404 templates
  - chronologically arranged the 'Basic FAQ' in the readme file (most recent addition first).
  - hide comment "balloon" if post is password protected
  - miscellaneous clean-up in the style.css file
  - re-worked dropdown menu CSS to better handle multiple child menu items from one parent menu item
  - re-worked "sticky note" image to handle longer menu item names before repeating the image

  * Internet Browsers Reviewed *
  * ========================== *
  *                            *
  * Apple Safari v5.0.5 (Mac)  *
  * Apple Safari v5.0.5 (PC)   *
  * Firefox v5.0 (Mac)         *
  * Firefox v5.0 (PC)          *
  * Google Chrome v12.0        *
  * Internet Explorer v9.0     *
  * Opera v11.11               *
  *                            *