The latest version of my Ground Floor theme for self-hosted WordPress installations went live in the Extend repository a couple of days ago.

The “common” functions I use in my themes that were updated with the last version of Desk Mess Mirrored were also updated in this theme. Some minor code modifications were made to other functions making them more theme specific.

The menu CSS (style) was re-written to better handle deeper structures. Please note, this may cause issues with older Child-Themes.

The Shelter Child-Theme is now scheduled to be updated in the very near future but may not be immediately available in the WordPress Extend repository until the powers-that-be give their approval to (officially) include Child-Themes.

Look for a future announcement regarding the release of Shelter and where to download the most current copy.

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= Version 1.8 =
– released September 3, 2011
– general code clean-up
– modified bns-login function to gf-login
– modified drop-down menu styles and added rounded corners to menu elements
– add conditional to not display comment(s) if post is password protected
– update bns_dynamic_copyright function
– update bns_theme_version function
– modified the site title creation code

Also to note, the current update order for BuyNowShop Themes is:

  1. Shades
  2. Shelter
  3. Nona

If there is a specific issue in a theme not listed above, please let me know (via the Contact Us page, preferably) so I can add the item to the theme’s TO-DO list and address it accordingly. Thank you … and enjoy!