This was an interesting week for coding. I really hadn’t planned to write a new plugin and get it released into the WordPress Extend repository, it just sort of worked out that way.

I started with the premise of putting into practice the ideas behind one of the core trac tickets I have submitted (#16395). This one deals with the Parent-Theme version and the “Template Version” a Child-Theme is created and maintained for.

The idea actually started from a post by Justin Tadlock at DevPress that follows very closely the idea I presented in the core trac ticket.

This brought about these add-ins:

  • `BNS Extra Theme Headers`
  • `BNS Child-Theme Version Control`

My involvement with the WordPress Theme Review Team and the idea of presenting the recommended documentation provided the ideas for the following items:

  • `BNS Readme Menu Item`
  • `BNS Changelog Menu Item`

This naturally led to the last Add-In function, as generally Child-Themes do not be default support internationalization:

  • `BNS Child-Theme TextDomain` and i18n (translation) support

… and so we have a new plugin that covers these items and does not require editing to add a `textdomain`; or menu items; or even a Child-Theme version versus Parent-Theme version test.

As I think of more “generic” functionality, or suitable suggestions,  I will update this plugin; in the meantime, please use the plugin and feel free to provide any constructive feedback.

As a closing remark and a bit more back-story, this code was first written to be called with an `include` statement; then re-written to be a mu-plugin; and, finally, as a general WordPress plugin.

I suspect there will be at least some code optimizations to be made; let me know what you think … and, enjoy!