When I started working on the update for Shades I was completely surprised by how long it had been since I actually released the last version … one (1) year, to the day!!

Remarkable, and also very unusual. Although I must say, as I use a Child-Theme of Shades on my personal website, there really did not seem to be a great deal that needed updating … well, the changelog will bare witness that was not the case.

Aside from the addition of some post-formats (aside, quote, and status) that I thought would lend themselves well to the theme the rest of the updates were based in code improvements that have been brought to light or realized over the last year, especially with my involvement with the WordPress Theme Review Team.

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— Version 1.7
= Public =
– released September 11, 2011
– published September 13, 2011
= CODE Changes =
– added support for post formats: aside, quote, status
– added the `shades` loop template
– added theme page for support and a contextual-help readme
– NB: adding the loop template and support for post formats affected the following template files: archive, author, index, page, single
– added `shades_used_posted` function to provide a link to the single view of posts without titles
– updated `BNS_Dynamic_Copyright` function
– updated `BNS_Theme_Version` function
– updated WordPress Required Version to 3.1 to implement post-formats (NB: Theme may still function correctly down to version 3.0)
– removed featured image thumbnail from the single view
– removed direct IE6 support
– removed `show_avatar` function
– removed `shades_page_number` function
= CSS Changes =
– reduced vertical distance between posts by half
– modified style for tag elements; add bottom-right border to help define the post they are attached to
– set base font-size to 100%; updated most other font-sizes to use percentages creating an over-all easier to read text
– addressed image thumbnail sizes used by gallery shortcode to handle up to 10 columns
– changed ‘widgettitle’ to ‘widget-title’ (NB: not currently used by the theme)
= CODE & CSS Changes =
– updated menu code to better handle parent-child-grandchild etc. structures (NB: menu is no longer centered.)
– moved the “Comments” to be inline with the post title and made minor style changes
– changed #main-blog to #the-loop for more code clarity

I have really enjoyed the modifications I have made with the Child-Theme I use at EdwardCaissie.com and truly enjoy using the Shades theme for my own purposes. I hope others find it as useful and interesting. Enjoy the new Shades!