Several updates and tweaks were made to this plugin based on recent readings and other ideas that came to mind. Here is the changelog for version 0.2:

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= Version 0.2 =
* Released Oct 22, 2011
* Change $bns_textdomain to $bns_lower_case
* Remove `BNS Child-Theme TextDomain` and i18n (translation) support
* Add `BNS Plugin TextDomain` and i18n (translation) support specifically for ‘bns-theme-add-ins’
* Correct `textdomain` issues and re-work the `BNS Child-Theme TextDomain` into `BNS Plugin TextDomain`
* i18n improvements in ‘Readme Menu’ and ‘Changelog Menu’ as well as change CSS containers from `id` to `class`
* Change `BNS Child-Theme Version Control` to `BNS Theme Support`; added functionality to read and display a `support.txt` file similar to the `readme` and `changelog` menu items.
* Minor inline documentation edits

Also to note this entire update was done using a local installation (WampServer) as the primary test environment; the PhpStorm application as the primary IDE; and GitHub for version control.

I would have to say, doing the development across three PC’s was interesting but as I described my “new” workflow previously it was actually a lot easier to adapt to than I expected.

My next release will be the NoNa theme which is being developed under the same conditions; and with a few more tests it too should be ready for the public.