As WordPress 3.3 approaches I am working through all of my plugins. Although not really in any particular order, and some plugins have more on their @todo list than others, the latest to be highlighted with it’s update is BNS Corner Logo.

The biggest change, or at least the one that is most noticeable to the end-user, is the ability to choose the Gravatar to be used based on user ID rather than only `user_ID = 1` as the default.

The rest of the major changes, although mostly “under-the-page”, are noted in the changelog.

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== Changelog ==
= 1.6 =
* released November 2011
* confirmed compatible with WordPress 3.3
* added phpDoc Style documentation
* added i18n support
* added conditional enqueue of `bns-corner-logo-custom-style.css` stylesheet
* removed inline `z-index` reference; see `bns-corner-logo` stylesheet for value
* moved inline style for corner positions to plugin stylesheet
* refactored `use_gravatar` code to have option of choosing gravatar by user ID

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Important: If you were using the “Gravatar” option prior to updating this plugin, you may need to go into the widget option panel and re-Save to properly re-set the options after updating.