A new version version of the BNS Featured Category plugin was released today. There were several changes and additions as well as a few extra bits of goodness.

The plugin is compatible with WordPress 3.3 (specifically tested up to beta3-19254 as of this writing) and now supports internationalization (i18n). End-users can now add their own custom stylesheet for the plugin as well. The full details can be read in the changelog.

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= 1.9 =
* released November 2011
* confirmed compatible with WordPress 3.3
* added phpDoc Style documentation
* added i18n support
* added `bnsfc-style.css` for plugin specific elements
* added `wp_link_pages` after `the_content`
* changed code blocks order to more logical sequence
* changed `bnsfc_first_words` to `bnsfc_custom_excerpt` (refactored documentation)
* changed options panel width to 200px to fit within Administration Panel Sidebar
* changed `bns-cat-class-` to `bnsfc-cat-class-` CSS prefix for category choices for consistency
* corrected documentation typos
* fix ‘only_titles’ form issue
* minor code and format clean-up
* updated ‘readme.txt’ Frequently Asked Questions
* updated screenshot image