Just as the new version of BNS Featured Category (BNSFC) was release today so am I releasing a new version of BNS Featured Tag (BNSFT). The plugins follow a very similar development path and are generally reviewed and updated in tandem. In this case most of the work was done in BNSFT then ported to BNSFC but I decided to finalize and release BNSFC first due to end-user requests I had received.

The updates to BNS Featured Tag are very similar to those done to BNS Featured Category, please see the changelog for additional details.

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= 1.9 =
* released November 2011
* confirmed compatible with WordPress 3.3
* added PHPDoc style documentation
* added functionality to BNS Featured Tag Custom Excerpt function – see `bnsft_custom_excerpt`
* added stylesheet to manage plugin specific CSS elements
* added support for bnsft-custom-style.css stylesheet (will not be over-written with updates)
* added i18n support using `bns-ft` textdomain
* added call to `the_excerpt` and wrapped post output in `bnsft-content` CSS element
* added clearing CSS element and `wp_link_pages` after `the_content` call
* changed `bnsft_first_words` to `bnsft_custom_excerpt`
* cleaned up code organization and optimization
* cleaned up documentation
* fixed ‘only_titles’ form issue
* moved CSS for images wider than widget area from inline to ‘bnsft-style.css’