As WordPress 3.3 approaches I am still working on updating and releasing my current plugins; themes will follow afterward. All of my themes and plugins are functionally compatible with the current beta release of WordPress 3.3 and I do not foresee any issues once version 3.3 is released.

All the same I am putting each plugin through my new workflow method and tools as part of the general compatibility checks.

The most recent updated plugin is one of my personal favorites: BNS Inline Asides. The biggest difference is changing from using the `blockquote` element to using a `div` block with the `bnsia` class, and dropping support for the `span` element. This is easily changed and noted with the plugin (inline) documentation. Feel free to ask for help if making the change to another supported element is needed.

The other major changes are listed in the recent changelog found in the plugin `readme.txt` file, and below.

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== Changelog ==
= 0.6 =
* released November 2011
* confirmed compatible with WordPress version 3.3
* added PHPDoc style documentation
* added `BNS Inline Asides TextDomain` i18n support
* added `BNS Theme Element` to set CSS element to be used
* added `bnsia` class (to be used as default)
* removed `is_admin` check from enqueue action function (not needed)
* removed ‘span’ support; going forward with block display elements only

You can also expect the BNS Login plugin, next on my list, to have its update released next.


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Due to an unfortunate over-sight on my part I missed a potential issue. Please update to version 0.6.1 if you are experiencing problems with version 0.6. EAC