OK, not so much for releasing this plugin but more so for sorting out the issue with this plugin throwing errors when `WP_DEBUG=true`. The issue seems to have been with the code I used from Lester Chan’s ‘WP-PluginUsed’ which I replaced with very similar code from Paul G Petty’s ‘WP List All Active Plugins’.

Aside from the above update, the rest is rather straight-forward and standard fare for recent releases. See the changelog for more details, or better yet: download and activate the plugin … and enjoy!

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== Changelog ==
= 1.1 =
* released November 2011
* confirmed compatible with WordPress version 3.3
* added PHPDoc style documentation
* added `BNS Support TextDomain` i18n support
* added `Enqueue Plugin Scripts and Styles`
* added i18n support
* replaced Lester Chan’s code with the (nearly identical) ‘Plugin Lister’ code by Paul G Getty
* added corrections to ‘Plugin Lister’ code
* removed ‘Plugin Lister’ options and excess/unneeded code
* removed ‘Plugin Lister’ description
* completely merged, stripped out excess, and re-wrote (as needed) ‘Plugin Lister’ code
* re-wrote Parent/Child-Theme Version code