Yesterday the latest version of Desk Mess Mirrored was approved into the WordPress Extend Themes repository. This version, 1.9.1, is more a maintenance release than anything else and was noted as such on Trac ticket #5877:

I consider this a maintenance release prior to releasing version 2.0.

The diff may give a difference impression as the majority of changes shown in the diff are due to code white-space and layout changes rather than actual code changes.

As referenced in the Changelog as of November 29, 2011:

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Changelog as of November 29, 2011:
== Version 1.9.1 ==
* added CSS optimizations
* added PHPDoc style documentation
* combined added comment classes `user-ID` and `microid` creation into one function `Add Comment Classes` in ‘comments.php’
* corrected comment reply style
* drop direct support for Internet Explorer 6 or order
* modified `.widget h2` CSS to better allow for long titles in the sidebar
* moved “You must be logged in to post a comment.” to be more clearly readable
* moved enqueued `comment-reply` call from ‘header.php’ to ‘functions.php’
* removed `get_page_number` function as no longer needed
* removed ‘category.php’ template file as not used
* reviewed and corrected old changelog entries for spelling and other minor typos
* updated ‘readme.txt’ (minor changes)

* Internet Browsers Reviewed
* ==========================
* Apple Safari v5.1.1 (Mac)
* Apple Safari v5.1.1 (PC)
* Firefox v8.0 (Mac)
* Firefox v8.0 (PC)
* Google Chrome v15.0
* Internet Explorer v9.0
* Opera v11.52

/** ————————————————————————- */

… and as noted, version 2.0 will be released in the (near?) future mostly dependent on the new features I have decided to add and/or the ideas/requests I will accept and include as well.


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NB: The Multi Child-Theme has been updated to version 1.9.1 and should work fine with this maintenance release. Please be advised there may be several significant changes to Multi with the release of Desk Mess Mirrored 2.0. EAC