It’s been a very long time since this theme was updated … more from time constraints than anything else as the majority of the updates are as noted in its Trac ticket:

It looks like lots of changes, however most of the stuff is CSS related as well as code formatting. There are no visual issues and this Theme is now approved.
Review was based on Diff.
Trac Ticket #5740

This is the recent Changelog that also provides an overview of what was worked on as well … personally I think there was more than CSS and code formatting but I know the reviewer did a thorough job all the same; feel free to read for yourself.

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==== Changelog.txt ====
@date: November 6, 2011

== Version 1.4 ==
* released November 6, 2011
* published December 12, 2011

== Code ==
* Added textdomain as needed to string functions
* Added previous and next post navigation in the `single.php` template
* Added `wp_link_pages` after every instance of `the_content`
* Added `description` parameter to `register_sidebar` definitions
* Removed `show_avatar` function – not used
* Removed `bns_menu` function – not used
* Removed `nona_get_page_number` function – no longer used
* Removed display of ‘Featured Image’ in `single.php` for aesthetic reasons
* Removed default ‘Home’ link in menus when not on home page; leave as end-user choice via custom menu
* Replaced `the_author_posts_link` (deprecated) with `get_author_posts_url`
* Updated ‘BNS Dynamic Copyright’ and renamed to ‘NoNa Dynamic Copyright’
* Updated ‘BNS Theme Version’ and renamed to ‘NoNa Theme Version’

== CSS ==
* `font-size` changed to base of 115% from 18px
* Changed font-sizes changed to percentage base; some additional adjustments made
* Change main background image to `GrungeOverlayTileSmall.png` for better seamless tiling
* Change `GrungeOverlayTileSmall.png` background property to ‘body’ tag and remove `#full-screen`
* Added more consistent formatting
* Added `max-width` parameter to address gallery with up to 10 columns
* Added CSS to support `editor-style`
* Removed Internet Explorer `lte IE 7` support
* Removed `head2toe` as not needed
* Removed .avatar class; not used (and conflicts with v3.3-beta1 Admin Bar)
* Removed all empty elements (except those required by WordPress guidelines)
* General clean-up with minor optimizations and additions

== Code & CSS ==
* Updated menu system
* Cleaned up widget code in functions.php
* Cleaned up template code eliminating unneeded code

== Miscellaneous ==
* Changed to ‘new’ changelog format
* Corrected Theme Name to NoNa
* Update `readme.txt` with better ‘markdown’
* Update `changelog.txt` with better ‘markdown’
* Add `support.txt` file

== Internet Browsers Reviewed ==
* Apple Safari v5.1.1
* Firefox v7.0.1
* Google Chrome v14.0
* Internet Explorer v9.0
* Opera v11.52