Desk Mess Mirrored version 2.0 should be showing up in your Dashboard|Updates later today if you have not already seen it. Go ahead, get the new version! It was great to add the new features and better documentation … I know that’s a bit geeky, but there you go.

It’s not so much that 2.0 is any sort of milestone, per se, as I generally follow a similar version numbering system as WordPress; although I must admit there was definitely a push to do something significant because it is a point-zero release after all.

That being said, I added the functionality of some of the core supported post-formats (aside, quote, and status), which was the big push for this release, as well as improving the overall typography.

For a full list of the changes, please have a look at the changelog below.

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== Version 2.0 ==
Changelog: January 9, 2012
= Code =
* Added additional PHPDoc style documentation
* Added `DMM WP Title` – utilizes the `wp_title` filter to add text to the default title output
* Added `DMM Use Posted` function for posts without titles
* Added minimal doc-block to each template file as relevant
* Added ‘desk-mess-mirrored’ loop template
* Added ‘dmm-navigation’ and implemented in 404, index, archive, and author template files
* Added post-formats: aside, quote, and status
* Added clearing `div` at top of ‘author’ and ‘page’ templates
* Added project TODO section to ‘index.php’
* Added `DMM Add Body Classes` – Adds additional classes to the core `body_class` function
* Changed `BNS Theme Version` to `DMM Theme Version` with extensive re-writes to text displayed
* Changed `my_theme_data` to `active_theme_data` in `DMM Theme Version`
* Changed post navigation test to ‘Older posts’ and ‘Newer posts’ replacing ‘Previous entries’ and ‘Next entries’ respectively
* Implemented ‘desk-mess-mirrored’ loop in 404, archive, author, index (home, front-page), page, single templates
* Re-defined each widget area separately to allow for descriptions to show end-user more details about each area
* Removed ‘Home” link code from `dmm_list_pages`
* Removed unused images (from IE6 support)
* Renamed `BNS Dynamic Copyright` to `DMM Dynamic Copyright` (refactored changelog)
* Renamed `BNS Modified Post` to `DMM Modified Post` (refactored changelog)
* Replaced TEMPLATEPATH constant with `get_template_directory_uri`
* Rewrote class used in ‘author’ template to add author role as a class element
* Updated documentation to clarify `DMM Dynamic Copyright` parameters
* Updated ‘readme.txt’ information – NB: All open and new TODO items will be found in their appropriate file going forward from this version

= CSS =
* Added ‘Order of Contents’ reference to the stylesheet with minor re-organization
* Added id `wp-link-pages` wrapper to `wp_link_pages` output
* Added CSS placeholder elements (.administrator, .editor, .contributor, .subscriber, and .guest) for new comment author classes
* Changed bottom of post to have smaller separating margin and added a bottom border to better delineate posts
* Changed base font-size to 100% and adjusted typography as needed/required
* Removed the right and bottom borders from the gallery images; and added additional elements to handle galleries up to 10 columns wide
* Removed (using comments) `background property` from `code` element
* Removed margins from a blockquote if it is within another blockquote
* Reorganized stylesheet and added ‘Order of Contents’ section for reference
* Updated forms and search widget styles

= Internet Browsers Reviewed =
* Apple Safari v5.1.2
* Firefox v9.0.1
* Google Chrome v15.0
* Internet Explorer v9.0
* Opera v11.60

/** ————————————————————————- */

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Also to note, if you are using a Child-Theme of Desk Mess Mirrored (notably the Multi Child-Theme) it is vitally important you download and install its Desk Mess Mirrored 2.0 compatible version.