Just a quick little update to Desk Mess Mirrored, but more importantly a fix to an issue that has bothered me for a very long time. Although not a very common one reported as the theme author it is something I have almost always noted: there is no pin in the sidebar widget if there is no title being used … well, no more. A quick bit of code (and it was really simple, too) fixes that problem.

Update to the latest version of Desk Mess Mirrored, or simply install it for the first time and have a look!

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== Version 2.0.1 ==
Changelog: February 15, 2012
= Code =
* Fixed display issue when widget title was empty – see `dmm_widget_title`

= CSS =
* Added z-index to “cup” to keep it on top of “sticky notes”
* Adjusted `#logo h2` element text position higher for better cross-browser compatibility

= Miscellaneous =
* Updated ‘readme.txt’ with a “Licensing” section
* Updated ‘readme.txt’ explaining the relevance and possible usage of the ‘Page Link’ shortlink found on pages.

= Internet Browsers Reviewed =
* Apple Safari v5.1.2
* Firefox v10.0.1
* Google Chrome v17.0
* Internet Explorer v9.0
* Opera v11.61

/** ————————————————————————- */