As WordPress 3.4 approaches a few items have changed that required attention in the Ground Floor theme, namely the deprecation of the get_theme_data and add_custom_background functions.

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== Version 1.9 ==
Changelog: April 19, 2012
= Code =
* Added conditionals to display website (with email) and biography only if information has been entered into the user fields
* Addressed deprecated function call to `add_custom_background`
* Addressed deprecated function calls to `get_theme_data`
* Addressed deprecated function call to `get_userdatabyloogin`
* Changed `bns_modified_post` to `gf_modified_post`
* Changed `bns_theme_version` to `gf_theme_version`
* Changed `bns_dynamic_copyright` to `gf_dynamic_copyright`

= CSS =
* Adjust CSS on sticky posts to provide better contrast
* Added CSS to better display more uniform images in galleries greater than four columns

= Miscellaneous =
* Improved code quality via better and more consistent structure and format
* Dropped direct support for older versions of Internet Explorer

= Internet Browsers Reviewed =
* Chrome v18.0
* Firefox v11.0
* Internet Explorer v9.0
* Opera v11.61
* Safari v5.1.5

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