To round out the recent theme updates, I have uploaded the latest version, 1.5, of NoNa. These updates, like the other theme updates, were mostly directed at addressing functions that are being deprecated in WordPress 3.4. The balance of the updates were mostly aesthetic in nature.

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== Version 1.5 ==
Changelog: April 24, 2012
= Code =
* Added $args to `nona_login` function – adopted from BNS-Login plugin
* Added conditional check to only display website (and email) if exists, as well as only display biography if it exists
* Addressed deprecated function call to `add_custom_background`
* Addressed deprecated function calls to `get_theme_data`
* Make post edit link preceding character consistent across all theme templates

= CSS =
* Corrected various class names … changed from ‘bns-‘ to ‘nona-‘
* Form aesthetics improved

= Internet Browsers Reviewed =
* Apple Safari v5.1.5
* Firefox v11.0
* Google Chrome v18.0
* Internet Explorer v9.0
* Opera v11.62

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