Another recently updated theme is Shades, to version 1.8. Most of the modifications had to do with the upcoming new WordPress version 3.4 but a couple of added items were also ones I had been looking for a solution to as well.

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Changelog as of April 20, 2012
== Version 1.8 ==
= CODE =
* Added doc blocks and improved overall code quality and structure
* Added link to modified author’s post archive
* Added conditionals to only show website URL (with email) if the address is found in the user profile; and only show biography if it exists on ‘author.php’ output
* Addressed call to deprecated function `get_userdatabylogin`
* Addressed calls to deprecated function `get_theme_data`
* Addressed call to deprecated function `add_custom_background`
* Renamed `bns_dynamic_copyright` to `shades_dynamic_copyright`
* Renamed `bns_theme_version` to `shades_theme_version`
* Replaced navigation with call to `get_template_part( ‘shades-navigation’ )`
* Replaced output if no posts are returned by the_Loop with a call to get_template_part( ‘shades-no-posts’ )

= CSS =
* Added “commenter classes” as defined in ‘author.php’
* Added ‘no-title’ class to post classes if `get_the_title` is empty
* Added ‘widget_tag_cloud’ element
* Adjusted ‘sticky’ post related styles
* Adjusted `gallery` `max-width` for better aesthetics

= Miscellaneous =
* Adoption of a ‘markdown’ / ‘phpdoc’ style in the changelog (this file)
* Added Review Ticket section to ‘readme.txt’

= Internet Browsers Reviewed =
* Apple Safari v5.1.5
* Firefox v11.0
* Google Chrome v18.0
* Internet Explorer v9.0
* Opera v11.62

/** ————————————————————————- */